Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bueno: Unique names for your baby!

We have heard a lot of nay-saying about what celebrities name their babies. But it is not just celebrities who come up with what we think are amazing and fantastic names.... 

I have some friends that just had a beautiful little girl they named Eames! 
(All of you decor junkies will recognize the moniker of design legends Charles and Ray Eames and be as jealous as I was that I didn't think of it!! ) 

 we say creative names are super bueno! 

How can you not heart 


Sparrow James Midnight? 

Sunday Rose? 


Bronx Mowgli?

If you love the Outsiders, name your kid Soda Pop. 
If you love sunshine and music name your baby Sunny Bebop. 

We heart creative names for your kids. 
But we also heart good old fashioned cuties too... 

Whatever you name your baby... We heart it. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

P.S- Love to Ace Joseph & Rio Atticus my little men. 

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