Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Color Crave: Watermelon!

You can pretty much count on Mother Nature to get it right. 
And she sure got it really right with the bright watery pink and the light to dark greens of the delicious and beautiful Watermelon! 

As pretty as these look (and taste) cut up in a bowl, why not bring this color combo into your home? 

Here are some yummy examples of how to do just that. 

From the late great Domino, we bring you a moss green velvet sofa in a silvery neutral room... with a splash of bright pink brought in with the arm chair. 
It just livens the room up so much! 

We are super in heart with this room. 

Chartreuse walls, white bedding and then a very subtle little flash of watermelon in the beautiful headboard. WOW. I'm jealous. 

This is a pretty dramatic room, but the use of all white furniture let the fun walls sing. 

You could really feel like a pretty preppy watermelon loving princess in this room. 

You got to love the bold color combinations going on in this room!
Chartreuse, pink, navy and creme. 
Very bold, but it pays off. 

And one of our decor crushes, Miss Ruthie Sommers lays her subtle hand on this rom and makes watermelon magic. 

Really with the half green half pink upholstered armchair in the corner? 
Really with the crazy pink footstool/coffee table combo? 
Thank you Ruthie for always giving us inspiration. 

Now, I am aware that this room is lacking the green to make it a true watermelon mix up, 

But I fell for all the delicious white and creams and how nicely the watermelon pink adds a sweet pop of color. Maybe they just need to add a few green books into the cute pink piles on the table and viola! 
(Plus the picture over the sofa is crazy cool!)

Same can be said for this amazing comfy looking sofa from a feature in Domino, Look how fun and bright that sofa is! 

Now imagine this Madeline Weinrib rug underneath. 

Or try building a room around Madeline Weinrib's beautiful watermelon pink 
Westley rug. 
(Westley rug) 

How amazing would this green bamboo chair look on this rug? 

Even if the rest of your room is neutrals try and add in a little juice with these watermelon hued accents. 

Pillows are such an easy way to bring color into your home. You can always change them out when you get your next color crave. 

Can you believe that we found this? This Rex Ray print is actually like a picture of watermelons. 
The color combo and the ovals are spot on. 
You can get one over at Mr. Adler's J'adorble shop

Also from the mad mind of Mr. Adler comes this insane bright pink throw. 

Done for his Barbie collection, I think on a moss green bench this would most certainly bring out the watermelon in your home. 

Decorating is fun! Don't be afraid to take some risks, chances are they will pay off!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart
P.S cute and affordable from Urban!!! 

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