Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bueno: We heart Hybrids!

Gotta looove technology! It's super futuristic...well in most countries.. the US is still trying to catch up.
We will...we will.. just need leaders that aren't obsessed with Oil and Big Business in other countries.
But we digress. Hee hee...
We heart Hybrid Cars!

P.S. It may be a new thing to us but there have been all different types of Hybrid cars starting in the 1800's!!!

OK so....
Yesterday was a loong day for me...errands in the early am (15 miles round trip)....back to Long Beach (55 miles each way) Westlake Village (35 miles each way)...back to La Casa de Sueno.
Oh did I mention it was 106 degrees! So there was nooo way I was about to stop and get gas if I didn't need to. But I kinda did...I had 2 small bars left in my gas tank.

So I decided to put my Prius to the gas stops for her.

Guess what? I almost made the entire day with out a stop!!!

So I needed to see for myself how good my Hybrid did...pressed the info button and ding ding ding!!! 46 MPG with the AC on blast!
Loooovveeeee the Hybrid...hate the $3.16 per gallon gas.

Here is a list of all the avail Hybrids in the US and a few Luxury ones for you fancy pants that will be around next year...

Yay!!! Saving gas, the planet and some moolah!

P.P.S. I do get preferred parking in some of my fav places!

xoxo t.w.h.

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