Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion Friday: These boots (and booties) were made for walking...

Besides the caramel, we have another reason we really heart the Fall.... 
Beautiful, breathtaking boots! 

Ohhh, to put the flip-flops away and be forced by Mother Nature to put on sensible footwear is not a pity but a joy! But lets show you what the Things-We-Heart girls think of as sensible, here are just a few of our fave-fall-footwear. 
(say that 5 times fast) 

Lets begin with the newest trend of the fall, over-the-knee boots!! Yes!! We really love them, although we are a little afraid to jump into the over-the-knee swimming pool, these Twelfth St. By Cynthia Vincent beauties look like the perfect way to get our feet wet.. 

The sturdy heel and taupe color of the Lindy Over-the-knee boot make them soft and wearable. Skinny-skinny jeans and a loose white T will keep you looking super casual and amazingly cool. 

Another style this Fall that we are hearting is the cut-out booties. 
This is a style we can really imagine wearing day and night! 

We are going gaga over these booties by Rosegold
They are like Miss Me's high school dream shoe... A mary Jane mixed with a Doc Martin, So perfect for the return of Grunge. 
Throw those on with some tights, a baby doll dress and a boyfriend cardigan and WOW. 

OK, now we can say it over and over again... And some people just may not get it... But THESE are the reason Marc Jacobs is still in the top 3 of of famous "Fake Boyfriend" list! (We will not give the order, but Jonathan Adler and Edward Cullen are also part of the club)
Seriously, did Marc really make a simple black suede boot... With a ruffle seam? 

In the words of Rachel Zoe... "I die, I die, I'm dying, I died" 

God damn you Loeffler Randall, you do it to us everytime! 
This lovely Camilla boot is just another winner in Loeffler Randall's endless stream of deliciousness. 

Platform boot with a wooden heel and adorable rounded toe. 
You can get them in black or grey. 

Or if you are a lucky, lucky lady... Both! 
(If I were a rich girl, nah nah nah nah na na na....)

We kind of think that because these are brown it takes the "Street Walker" edge off of these boots. 

Although, rocking them with no tights is a pretty bold move. We would wear them with tights and a mini dress and a shrunken boy blazer. 
Thanks to Joie for these beautiful Twiggy boots. We think these may be the over-the-knee winners in our book. 

From the dynamic Duo of all things fashion, Mary-Kate and Ashley, 
Come these SUPER made to lust after booties, well truth be told, they are more of an oxford, but we heart them so much we couldn't resist! 

From the twins line Elizabeth and James come these really beautiful Venice booties. These would look so pretty with black tights a pretty white mini dress and a grey cardi... 
I guess you can tell that the Things-We-Heart girls have a uniform of sorts going on with our tights, mini-dress and cardigans... But trust us, it works every time! 

Every once in a while a bootie comes along that sort of tells all the other bootie to sit down and recognize. 
Readers, we would like to introduce you to the Belle by Sigerson Morrison tie back wedge in black suede. 
And yes, 

They have a bow detail on the back. Done and done, soooo delicate and lovely. 

On the other side of the boot spectrum are these not delicate, but super bad-ass Kors plaid Stream boots. 

Sort of like a super sexy and feminine mountain girl... Or perhaps a resident of Forks, Washington, who has a dreamy vampire for a boyfriend and has to spend her days in the grey cloud banks hiding from the sun... Hey we are just saying. 

Throw on your skinny jeans and a vintage T-shirt and you are ready for anything this Fall! 

You know those adorable paper-bag-waisted trousers you have been seeing around? Well take a look at these paper-bag-ankle booties from F.B.F (fake boy friend) Marc Jacobs! 

These boots would look amazing with any of your go-to Fall outfits. 
They are so classy but easy and the nice sturdy heel makes them super day to night! 

We know this is not a boot, or a bootie... But we so fell in heartsville with this head piece from Ann Demeulemeester that we had to put it up today... Plus wouldn't it look beautiful with some pretty boots? 

We hope you are as excited for Fall boots as we are! 
For lots of inspiration and super cuteness, check out this Video

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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