Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random hearts: Yuummmmy...Super hearting rainy days!

Who said..."Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down..."...oh yeah...the Carpenters!

They are totally right about the Monday thing...but rainy days?

No way!!!...They are fantasmic!

Well, we guess sometimes they get us down... but since we live in the old Lala land and we rarely get rain ....we lurve them!

We heart rainy days for oh sooo many reasons...they are like a license to chill!

They are the perfect excuse to shuffle around the house in toasty roasty socks, wrap your self up in your cutest coats and scarves and drive around with the heat up, or wear bright and fun tights under everything and no matter what you'll look super cute.

Rainy days make you want to never leave the house? Then don't!
Here are a few ridiculously amazing reasons to stay in and enjoy the gift of the rainy're welcome!

Um hello?
Millions of Dvds straight to your mailbox in 1 day? Yes please!

P.S. Yes..we know it's not a new thing but getting 1 on a rainy Tuesday in your mailbox is like a gift from the rain goddesses... here is a newer "invention" if you will that is perfect for a rainy day...

Just punch in your address (from coast to coast!) and up pops menus, reviews and deals of restaurants in your town that deliver directly to your door!
Yes...lazy is my middle name...well on rainy days at least ;)

Now if you are the type that feels guilty being inside when in rains because you are not getting stuff done, then Martha has the thing just for you...
Organize it!
Go to Martha Stewart and she will show you truly "good" ways to transform and organize all your spaces...even your medicine cabinets and undie drawers.
Now if we could only find someone to do it for us...hmmmmmmmm

We totally heart lighting candles, as we have mentioned before, but there is nothing like a great smelling candle filling up your home with a terrific scent on a gloomy day...
This black Baies Diptyque candle is sooooooooooooo's like making out for the first time... with out the uncomfortableness of bumping braces.

Suuuuper soft robes....ahhhhhhhh just saying that makes us feel snuggly on this cold and wet night.

We found these unbelievably soft and crazy sexy robes at Victoria's Secret.

Throw one of these sweater robes on with a pair of your partners socks and they will be at your side to keep you warm in no seconds flat!

Speaking of cuddling...the #1 thing to do on a rainy day is CUDDLE!

It doesn't have to be a can snuggle and cuddle with anyone!

Can't stay in and enjoy the amazingness of being indoors on a stormy day? Here are a few helpers to make your day brighter and waaay more fun...while braving the wet weather...

No matter how many rainy days your city gets or doesn't get, every cutie mcgootie needs a pair of rain boots!!!!

Hello favorite boots for anytime of the year..these gorge bright pink Hunter boots are the toast of the town...wear with everything..even shorts (yes in the rain! Why not?!? You have the tallest and chicest rain boots around!)

Jump in every puddle, cross every rushing river rain gutter and look crazy hot doing it.

We secretly heart these (well) heart rain boots...they will bring you right back to 3rd grade...but in a really good way....

No mean boys to break your spirit and no unsuccessful trades of your sack lunch when your friend has a Ding Dong and you are stuck with a box of raisins again. Just super cute boots.

Oooops! What good are super cute (and dry) feet if your hair is a mess? Keep your hair in tip top shape and your fav cold weather coat dry with an uber cute umbrella.

They are sooo underrated, but how many times do you see that crazy sassy gal whistling down the street with her oh so amazing umbrella...

Have no fear lovelies...we found a few chic options for you...

"Oh...ahhaha...I'm not Coco Chanel's grand's just a uber tres chic vintage-esque umbrella"

Still bummed your outside on such a gloriously gloomy day? Pull this bad boy over your head and see crystal blue skies all day!

We are soooo in heartville with Marimekko print umbrella...uuugghhhh it's soooo good!

This will even cheer up the day of the passers by...

Don't want to have to worry about the humidity and your ever growing 'fro?

Throw on this cashmere (yum) beanie from J Crew and you are GTG! Oh, and hi it's only $9.99!!!!

P.S. If you have to go outside on a rainy day and you have no umbrella or cap...don't forget your waterproof mascara!

And here are a few songs for your rainy day mix tape, weather you are drivin' around... or cleaning house...or just snugglin'...
(yes...TK we know it's whetherbut we are talking about rain!...hee hee)

xoxo t.w.h.

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