Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yummies: Homemade soups for your soul!

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 I know we are really into this whole fall thing these days. 
We can't seem to talk about it enough. 

But these chilly and crisp days (finally) Call for one specific thing... 
Homemade soup! 

Don't get scared... It is as easy to do as say, build a fire, make a pot of hot cocoa or load up your Netflix queue with all the great movies you missed this summer. 

Here are some of our favorite yummy autumn soup recipes, these are great for a romantic cozy dinner, or 
make a big pot of soup and stack your bowls or mugs next to it load up on spoons and have a casual fall dinner party! 

We are gonna keep it real by starting off with the soup of the Chosen people... 
Yes sir, you got it... We swear up and down that a nice bowl of Matzo Ball soup can cure all your woes. Got a cold? Matzo Ball, Got a fever? Matzo Ball. Got a broken heart? How about  nice bowl of Matzo ball soup? 

And there is nothing wrong with making your Matzo Balls from a nice box of Manischewitz mix... Said the girl who's Mother is a Shiksa. 
But seriously, get a nice vegetable broth and slice in a few stalks of celery and some carrots... Who knows? A nice little Beastie Boy may fall head over heels in love with you! 

Another favorite of the ladies at T-W-H is Butternut Squash soup. 

If memory serves me correctly, I do believe Miss T-W-H and Miss Me fell in heartsville with each other years ago over Butternut Squash soup at the Mercer Kitchen in NYC... If you are nearby we suggest you go get a bowl! Delicious! 

But if you are not anywhere near NYC and you want some yummy Butternut Squash soup... NOW... Try this recipe from the Food Networks Michael Chiarello

Are you craving comfort food in a big way? Yes it happens when the weather cools down... That is why the fashion Gods invented chunky knit sweaters and baby-doll dresses.  To hide the extra pounds we tend to pack on around this time of year. 
What's that you say? You are craving Chicken and Dumplings in a crazy way.. But you don't eat chicken so what's a vegetarian to do??? 

Well, first of all don't worry... Because MOST of the time the recipes you get from T-W-H are gonna be pretty animal friendly. 

And lucky for you that includes this VEGAN chicken' and dumpling recipe from 
Tofu and Sprouts... Don't let the name fool you.. The photo above is actually what your food will look like! And Miss me can vouch for the taste, last year she had to make 2 pots of it to satisfy the family at Holiday time! 

What about crusty croutons on a puree of roasted winter vegetable soup? 

What about it?! Sounds like a winner to us. That is if the vegetables can get past the roasting part and on to the pureeing for soup part without being devoured first. 

And now dear readers... We are going to let you in on a little secret. If you love to cook at home, you will LOVE this beautiful site. 

We seriously alomost DIED when we found this amazing source for delicious meat free goodies. 

Do you know how long we have been craving Won Ton soup? 

For ages... But the answer is always the same... 
No Won Ton soup for you! 
But low and behold... a recipe for delicious Won Ton soup that we can dive into! 

Speaking of which VeganYumYum also brings us this Tuscan white bean stew
The perfect thing to offer your guests on a cold night. 

Yeah, did we mention we were sort of obsessed? Who can blame us? 

Ladies and Gentlemen... Moroccan sweet potato soup
Impress your loved ones tonight. 
Spoon up every yummy delicious drop of this beautiful Fall season. 
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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