Friday, October 30, 2009

Fashion Friday: We heart fashion icon costumes and wearing them later too!!!

OK... so Halloween is almost here (1 day! Wooo hoooo!) and we are gonna squeeeeze every last ounce out of it ;). It's sooo worth it right?

A looong weekend of candy eating, costume wearing, disco dancing nights...nothing could be more fun filled. OK there is one all expense paid shopping spree and vacation to every country in Europe...but at least you know Halloween is a sure thing.

In honor of the amazingly fun day we decided to mix fun and fashion (well fashion is always fun...but we decided to mix costumes and fashion)...and a few of our favorite fashion icons...
We heart dressing up as fashion icons...and you know what we heart even more??? Dressing up like them for Halloween and being able to wear every piece from your costume again and again!
Recessionistas and fashionistas and costumistas UNITE!

Each piece from each Halloween costume is super wearable and muy en vouge for your closets pleasure.

Let's start with the man (may he rest in peace) who single handedly changed music, fashion and celebrity..Michael Jackson.

Here is a great costume inspired by his outfit in the Billie Jean video.

LOOOVE his leather suit and pink shirt!
To create this look...
Grab a pink button up. We love the ones from American Apparel.

And while you are there grab a red bow tie or here's one from Amazon.

Now for the meat and potatoes...
We super heart these leather trousers from Geren Ford.

The cut is perfect and the slightly dropped crotch is a must.
Wear these later with gorge booties or sky high platforms like these from LAMB.

Grab a strong blazer like this fantastically tailored one from Elizabeth and James and you are on your way.

We were so inspired after watching This Is It we wanted to do 2 MJ honor his geniusness (is that a word?).

He was really well known for his Military ensembles...he made them sooo popular they are back and more wearable than ever.
Look at this uber easy to wear MB from BB Dakota.

Great fit and details. Wear later with skinny jeans a great drapey top and converse ;)
Nothing says MJ like an amazing pair of gold sequin pants. Here are a super girly pair from Siwy.

Soooo Michael!!!
Pair these later with high Docs or moto boots and an over sized cashmere sweater like this snuggly one from Bloomies.

Now for the amazing shoes.....wait for them...wait....

Right?!?!?!?!?! Perf for the costume and even more perfect with ankle skimming jeans and a blazer.

Hmmmm we just saw that hair on someone recently too....oh yeah! Drew Barrymore ;)

Debbie Harry is another musical fashion icon...her looks have inspired most of today's most fashionable pop icons.

She was the perfect mix of pixie meets punk and blue collar worker meets today's super models (and she did this over 20 years ago!!!!)
This is one of our all time favs from the Blondie singer.

Only DH could pull off a vneck tee as a dress with knee pads and white boots...and look that freaking hot!
Here is a great dress from the leaders of the rad everyday tee brigade...LNA.

Grab a pair of knee pads from any sporting goods store or Target.

Hmmm how can you use these later???
And pair with amazing white boots. Either super high Docs that will still look amazing next summer with a sundress

or these amazing vintage boots.

The icon of all smashion icons...the lady who changed fashion for good.
Not only did she make sun kissed skin cool (they didn't know about skin cancer back then) but she is the reason millions of New Yorkers (and now me) where black as if it was the only color in the closet.

Miss Coco Chanel how we heart thee...sooo much we ordered "How to Speak French" cd's.
The staple of CC wardrobe...besides black...were great trousers. We heart these from Wall Street.

Perfectly cropped to go with any shoe when Halloween is over and the boyfriend cut is oh sooo in.
CC made tweed gorgeous and tiny tweed blazers HUGE...still today!

Thanks Urban for this crazy cute version...sooo Coco!

This would look great with a high waisted mini and cami when you are done being CC.

When most women were wearing heels and corseted boots...Coco was donning men's style shoes to match her masculine aesthetics.
Hello amazing oxfords!!!!!!!!

Please come visit my tootsies! I will even get them polished and scrubbed for you.

Now, no Coco would be complete with out a pile of pearls.

Thanks to F21 you can get a whole bunch for not a whole bunch.

And last but nooooo way least...our fav...our go to gal for style...Kate Moss!

There are sooo many great ways to be the Great Kate but it seems that the one she wants us to remember is her penchant for over the knee boots (before the trend got big and still looked timely and timeless) and skinny jeans.

She is the perfect supermodel. Part rock and roll and every bit sexy and effortlessly glam.
Every piece from your KM outfit will be yours to wear everyday after the 31st.

Grab your fav skinny jeans...
Get a pair of wearable and timeless OTK boots. We love these from Guess.

Not slutty and totally doable.

Pair with a cute vintage tee

(we just steal ours from the boys...well 1 of us has a nasty Ebay habit) from Ebay or any thrift store since you are running out of time.

And Kate's fav, go to piece for the last 10 years...a structured blazer.
Yay Jcrew for your gorge blazers!

Thanks for your cute styling ideas!

Kate is never without her Raybans

so you better grab a pair of fakies at Urban or get a real pair that will last you a life time of wears and save your eyes.
Now if we could only have her face and hair. did that picture get there....yet another reason to want to be Kate for Halloween...JOHNNY DEPP!

Have fun tomorrow!!!! Be all you can be!!!! Then wear it all makes it way more fun.

xoxo t.w.h.

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