Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yummies: Cereal Killer!

Remember Saturday mornings when you were a kid? Your favorite cartoons and a giant bowl of yummy bad for you cereal? 

Oh, the glory days of our youth. 

Well, every once in a while we get a super bad craving for those big bowls of cereal with some ice cold milk! 

We still die for Lucky Charms! That rascal of an Irishman always trying to keep the kids away from his lucky charms... 

Well, good for you Lucky because your cereal is really delicious, but gross for you. 
So this mama fools herself and her bambinos with Three Sisters all natural and environmentally conscious cereal. They package with out the box for less waste. 
Plus they taste DELICIOUS! 

But we can't eat too many bowls of this or we will never live up to this vintage Grape Nuts ad. 

So most of the time the grownups at Miss Me's house stick to the super yummy Kashi Go Lean cereals... YUMMY! 

L-O-V-E the 7 grain nuggets! Slice a little banana on top and you will be in cereal heaven! 

The Autumn Wheat is super yummy too, it is just sweet enough that you don't need any sugar. 
But you can't be all earthy granola- hippie lady all the time... Sometimes you need a little (or a lot) of sugar! 

That's when we call up our old friends Snap, Crackle and Pop... 
Oh yes we do.. 

Dreamy Rice Crispy Treats! 
Or you can go here and buy the delicious toffee treats that were named after my dear friend known to the world as DJ AM. You can celebrate his life by enjoying his favorite yummy snack. 
(P.S This company is not taking advantage of Adam, the flavor was named after him a LONG time ago)

Have you been to Target lately? Yes? Well so have we like a hundred times this month, and we keep seeing but not buying the monster cereals! 
We are SOOOO tempted by them though! 

So fun and retro! These guys used to haunt the shelves of the market when we were kids! 

Really they are worth buying just for the packaging, but you can trust that the 
t-w-h gals would polish off these boxes in no time flat and then where would we be? 
You got it.. The doctors office with a belly ache! 

So personally, Miss Me likes her cereal with way, way to much milk... Drowning. 
But it is a fact that many people do not care for drowning cereal. So we had to share this amazing and fun invention. 

Ladies and gentle-readers... May we present... The Eat Me Crunchy Bowl! 
Proven to keep your cereal up to 70% more crunchy then a regular cereal bowl! 

Here is a diagram showing how it works... 

Pretty amazing stuff. You can get yours here

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, so try and make it a good one! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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