Monday, October 12, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart Fall Beauty Trends

Hello crispy cold air! We (kinda) missed you...well we missed throwing on leggins and Uggs as a uniform and beanies as an official welcome back ;)
You know what we missed just as much as cashmere jammies and leggins and fireside cocoa?...

Fall beauty trends!!

Yup it may sound silly or even slightly vapid but hey...we are girls...there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel more beautiful and playing dress up...

And as we have told you times of financial instability (whoa! super smart!) make up sales and the sales of red lipstick go up!

Which brings us to the first trend for Fall beauty 2009...

Red lips...

So sensual, so sexy so glamorous and classic...and they are back!

Nothing can make you look more put together and RTG then throwing on some ruby red lips....a little mascara and for one of us (me) concealer and we are soooo GTG and gorge.

Matte red lipstick is best for your wind swept rough waves won't get stuck in the goop of gloss.
We lurve and totally heart priming lips with the teensiest bit o' Rosebud and using a lip pencil for stay power and intensity...geez sooo makeup artisty :)

Now about those rough waves....those are a trend too!

These are not beach waves or even Bardo-esque bed head waves these are, "Oh...I'm soo tired..I can't be bothered to do a thing to my hair...and I look amazing..."

The best way to grab these waves o' too cool for school is to run a flat iron through your hair but instead of straightening...kinda twist it with out making curls. Then run your polished digits through...

But the word on the street is that Bed Head makes a super rad triple barrel iron for just the thing. Easy peasy...

OK, so the next trend is something that most of us rock on a day to day basis but...yay!'s officially a we are all soooo au courant...are pale lips.

These are not really bare lips but just slightly colored (skin tones) not too shiny lips.

Perf for the on the go gal...a wee bit o' sheer lipstick and away she goes...and as fab as eva'.

Since we are pros at the light lips here at Things We Heart we would looove to give you are to go to companies for that perf shade o' pale.

We totally heart Bobbi Brown's gorge liners. They are perfectly soft without being waxy and super pigmented .

Revlon makes some new yummy pale lip colors too and for a uber recessionista chic price. We haven't tried those yet, but they look really yummy.

You know what goes best with those pale lips?

Yuppers...smokey eyes, which is yet another Fa/Wi 09 trend...(oh that's shmancy speak for the Fall season). You may remember a super cute post about hot to do the smokey eye (and how not to) from the hotness that is Miss go there for a great how is Monday after all...I can barely get these words out let alone retype it :)

The smokey eye is the very best way to feel sexy and sultry... The way it highlights your gorge peepers and sends a come hither (or sometimes stay away) message to any one you gaze at.

Now, the smokey eye doesn't always have to be dark or heavy it can just be a wash of greys and browns or even fun colors (try Stila Barbie Smudge Pots!) but it is always sexy...especially if you line your inner lids with a charcoal pencil....Hotness!

Covergirl makes a great (and cheap) smokey eye pallet in neutrals for a totally easy application process.

Here we go...last but sooooo not least is our very fav Fall beauty trend...

It is not for the faint of heart but it is for sure for those who have seen it all...

The black lip is the newest trend to take the smashion world by storm...weird right? But there is something super sexy about it in a not terribly slutty way.

This is not your highschool goth chic's lip...nope....this is high fashion. It's glossy, rich and pretty darn daring but somehow remains totally chic!

This would look amazing with subtle eyes and pulled back hair or if you are brave, like in the land of Chanel,
they pair it with smokey eyes!

P.S. Line lips first...and not like Gaga...unless you like the Minney Mouse meets Geisha look...

...for a full sexy pout.

M.A.C. makes a super beautiful line of black colors for your lips

...but if you are not ready to spend the dough or afraid you will only try it once then run into your ol' high school fav spot...Hot Topic for a cheap tube.

So what ever trend you embrace or not...have fun...that's what make up is for...don't take it too seriously...then that way you can concentrate on the real stuff...and look AMAZING while doing it!
Take a look at this Beauty Rules (to break) to remember just how fun it all is...

xoxo t.w.h.

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