Friday, October 2, 2009

Fashion Friday: We heart strong shoulders (and woman)...

We heart Strong Shoulders!

What you are about to see is not for the faint at fashion...these are not your mother's shoulder pads.

Not to be confused with these..

They are not your 80's power suits or puff sleeved dresses (YUM!) ..but we do secretly loooove those still and we are both known to buy some on ebay from time to time.

These are strong shoulders...some are moulded...some are padded and some are just constructed but all are amazing.

Throw one of these pieces on and you are's like stepping back into the future.

Here are some of our fav SS (Strong Shoulder) pieces for fall 2009

The House of Balmain really were responsible for securing the trend..they did it last season and are doing it for Fall and next spring too!

Although Margiela brought it back a few years was Balmain's chic and sleek shapes that won over fashionistas everywhere...

The King of moulded strong shoulders...the king of love him...we love him...Rick mother f'n Owens!
He has been doing the strong shoulder thang for a while and it always looks ridic! (in the good way of course) Loving the asymmetrical hem on this leather piece and high Victorian-esque collar to off set it. Yes and S'il vous plait!

Hello fake BF! Why do you do this to us? Why do you always take what we super heart and then put your fun and fashionable twist on it and make us love it even more!
Here is Marc Jacobs amazing rendition of a SS top...

P.S. This top is in a french terry...Yay he makes sweats look chic...
P.P.S. LOOOOVEEE the yellow gloves and bow tie! Yummmmmmmmy!

Can't afford MJs fantastical piece? Well then head over to our go to store for all that is fashion with out all the crap... Urban Outfitters.
This SS dress is reminiscent of MJs and super cute. Looks totally futuristic and fashiony with out being martiany... Looks amazing with those sheer black tights.
Throw it on with some over the knee boots and you are RTG!

Oh do we love thee...sooooo super much! We just finished a crazy spree there and still heart every single piece we got (which is unusual...we usually get buyers remorse)

Their strong shoulder pieces...they have a ton right now... are the best we have seen at normal people prices..
We absolutely love this white silk SS top. It's so classy and chic and utterly wearable. We think it would look amazing with jeans or just a simple high waist skirt for an easy peasy yet super fashiony look.

Oh and Zara?...Please start your online store already! Geez!

Hi, super cute and uberly easy way to wear the SS trend. How are you?
Good? Yes you are. We totally heart this simple grey l/s top by Torn. Maybe not so much with these sheer front leggins but with skinny jeans and high ass booties...done and done chic-a-rella!

Here is another one of Zara's amazing pieces featuring this amazing trend.

So crisp and Parisian chic! You could literally wear flats and look totally RTG. Look out Miss we come!

Ready to take this uber fashion trend to the next level? Well here you go trail blazers... French Connection has one for you.
Remember when we said it's not for the faint of fashion...this gorge purple dress falls under that category for sure!

Want a crazy hot ass SS dress that makes you look like a super model in the streets of London? sounds like a tall order, but not in this amazing dress by Topshop...
We lurve how the seamed waist perfectly offsets the gorge SS drapes on top. You will look like a futuristic movie star of the '40s. See...back to the future!

OK, now we totally heart this perfect SS blazer by Marley (kinda a take on Balmain's piece) and it would be amazing this Fall/Winter (yes white in F/W...go here to figure it out) but we can't find it anywhere!!!
Ugh it's soooo good! Throw it over an Alexander Wang tee? Amazing!

Leave it to our go to for all that is hard to give us 2 trends in one. This studded, fitted, SS blazer is sick!'s really good..even if it is a wee bit over the top with trends...but with a drapey white tee and black skinny jeans? Perf and easy breasy stylisita!'s you...the reason for this post and us crazy hearting this trend. Are you good Mr. Quilted Balmain SS jacket? Yeah are...well you are actually great.
This look is TDF! So sleek, so chic, soooooooooo perfect!!!!!! But at over $13,500 (uh huh you read that right) we will just take inspiration from you and save ourselves a few thousand dollars...thanks though for inspiring us!

Well, what do we have here? Another fantasmic Ebay find? YUP!


P.S. There are UBER bad ways to do this trend too...please take notes... Kim K!!!!

Bad Girl Estelle!

We hope we inspired you to dip your toe into the SS trend so you too can be Flash Back Futuristic...
But if not... don't worry...although we think it will stick around for a will be just as super cute as you always are in what ever you love to wear.

Have fun with fashion!'s just fashion...but f'n fun! (hmmm did that make sense...maybe these shoulder pads are going to my head)

xoxo t.w.h.

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