Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Friday: The FINAL countdown today!!!! Lanvin for H&M on sale TOMORROW!!!!!

Can we have both :) hee heee...image stolen graciously from a fave blogger of ours, Nitrolicious

This is LITERALLY Christmas come early for 1 year and 1 month early to be exact. Mr Lanvin himself, Alber Elbaz designed a super amazing super close to the real deal capsule line for (another uber fave) H&M and it is here tomorrow!!!!!

Why you ask if it is out tomorrow is it Xmas early for us? Well because we are both pretty pregnant now and we prob won't fit into anything until Xmas of next year so the gorgeous duds that I, Miss TWH will be lining up for tomorrow am for us, will sleep snuggly and safely in our closets for the next year. It will be like fine wine...they will get even better with age :)

And why do you ask will a super pregnant girl like myself line up in the dark with other fashion freaks and snobs (not me...I'm just a freak) alike? Well if you haven't already read our last luscious post about it (GO HERE IF NOT!) look on people...look on and then I will probably see you in line tomorrow morning :)

H&M has released pics and prices for all of the items that will go on sale tomorrow and thanks to Wendy at one of our FAVE blogs ever, Nitrolicious, we have nice quality ones to make you drool over...well drool and plan which ones you want of course!

Here are our fave pics!

Hello A-mazing dual print dress!!!!!! You are fucking will last us a life time and we will have you!
No jewelry required with that dress! economical :)

If that print is too loud or too much for you...then it comes in simple and elegant black too!

Soooo we are SUPER, crazy, insanely against wearing fur...if you are me! Now...that said we are super, crazy for wearing GOOD faux fur and L x H&M has given us a totally cute military style version for our waiting closets!

OK...this next dress is SOOOOOOO close to the real Lanvin we fell crazy in heartville with it.
So elegant and timeless! Not too tricky...just perfect!!!

Shpeaking of tricky...we are DYING for this mini skirt!!!!!
Pair it with a tucked in tee or pretty tank and serious heels and you are D&D!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um hello...hi are you deliciously divine Lanvin tulle dress?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WTF! How gorgeous is that? That will last a life time! And so will this next one!

Sooo perfectly elegant and timeless and rad and different and sooooo yummy LBD!
Wear with some beautiful sheer seam back hose and honey...we are applauding!

BTW there will be tons of shoes and accessories too! Did you see these beauties on the real Lanvin runway?
Did you wanna die when you saw that they were $1300???? Well now you can have a pair for WAAAAAAY less!!!!

Well have no fear...they remade them for L x H&M!!!! Lucky you!

Hello there boys...yummmmmm!

P.S. There will be uuuber cute mens too but since we are getting up so early and will only have an alotted 15 minutes to shop we are not totally positive that our gorgeous boy will get too much...mean? Yeah kinda.... but I'm pregnant?! NO? that doesn't work? Hmmm..ok I will try cuz lord know we loove to make our dudes suuuuper cute...well that and the fact that we LOVE them...

DYING FOR THIS LOOK ON A CUTE BOY OR 2! Hopefully we can get Mr TWH and Mr. MM to wear it!

Soooooooo....I guess I will see you in line tomorrow am? Hee Heee!!!
xoxo things we heart

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