Monday, November 29, 2010

Beauty-fuls: We hippie heart totally natural skin care brands! you totally know how obsessed we are with makeup and skin care so it should probably not be a surprise that when we find a great natural line of makeup we go totally coo-coo for coco puffs!
There are soooo many crappy chemicals and weird additives in makeup now it's creeepy. Things we never knew could hurt us...and because it just goes on our skin and not inside, we think it's totally fine...but think again.
Our skin absorbs all of those gross chemicals and could cause allergic reactions or worse!

So after doing a few tests (oh! you are totally welcome! it was our pleasure...anytime!!!) here are our 3 favorite and most consumer friendly lines.

Jane Iredale (never heard of her? yeah it can be a wee bit tricky to find...after all it's not in Sephora ;) ) has been creating stunning cosmetics the mineral way for years! Her all natural mineral cosmetics are sooo beautiful and refined you will look like you just got a professional airbrushing from a fashion magazine!

We are obsessed with her liquid eye's like spreading silk across you lids.

And it doesn't crease or get that weird oily smudge to it!

Move over YSL Touche Elcat! We found your better, more healthy sibling.

Jane's Active Light Concealer conceals AND brightens skin with Vitamin K, white tea and cucumber! Yes please!!!

Dear Tarte Cosmetics,
Thank you!! Thank you for your move into the natural realm. Thank you for having amazing products that work as well as super cute packaging!

We are all fluttery heart for your stuffs. Your cheek and lip stains that are jam packed with everything we want and nothing we don't are perfection!!!

No more weird smudges or too harsh colors...just totally natural looking flushed cheeks and kissable lips.
This mini kit is perfection for all year round...

We die die die for your mascara...

sure we have to curl our lashes a bit before we use it but it works sooo well at lengthening, strengthening and plumping our lashes we don't mind the extra step!

P.S. TARTE IS 30% OFF TODAY!!! (Nov 29th 2010) FOR CYBER MONDAY!

From the stunning model and ex-face of the chemical heavy beauty line, Maybelline, Josie Maran started her line, aptly named Josie Maran, to be pure and gentle and totally eco friendly. And now we say...THANK YOU!

We super heart her all over color pallete!

It is filled with gorgeous and neutral shades of makeup you can wear on your cheeks, eyes, and lips. The colors are sooo natural inside and out that any one can wear them. And the best part? Well besides the fact that it's 100% natural? No more over packing your makeup bag!!!

Wether you are at the gym or done with your day, Josie's makeup remover wipes are perfect!Made from biodegradable wipes and a blend of natural ingredients, these wipes are the best around! And with every purchase they donate a portion to the SOS polar bear initiative!

So what ever you choose to put on your pretty little faces this season and next...take an extra moment to look to see exactly what is going on there...for your sake and the next generation.

xoxo things we heart


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