Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decor to Die for: Color Crave, Almost Blue...

The other day I had an moment of inspiration... A stroke of brilliance....
I just knew we needed to paint the master bedroom a deep, dark, beautiful blue!

Then I thought... Hmmmm, maybe I should sit on that for a few days.

And while I love and admire the balls or even better the CAJONES it takes to boldly paint a room this amazing color, I am afraid I may lack them.

A well done navy blue room can be so perfect it hurts, like this tiny kitchen in Ruthie Sommers Venice Beach bungalow... The turquoise doors? PLEASE!

The Matte walls and navy lacquer doors from the Elle Decor (?) feature...

Dark blue can be crisp and clean when mixed with white.
It can be festive and happy when mixed with bright pops of color....
If you do it wrong though... It is gonna be a hot, hot mess!

So I think I am gonna sit on this color crave a little bit longer, maybe in a literal sense.... I could quench my taste for blue with this STUUUPID Anthro Settee that I have been lusting over since summer...

Or for a lot less money, I could fill my house with these beautiful blue Capri Candles that smell as good as they look.
Or, I could put my money where my mouth is and support a budding artist!
Looking around on Etsy for navy blue I found this delicious photo!

I have a feeling it would look great in a master bedroom!

In honor of my "Almost Blue" room... Here is another one of our Fake Boyfriends singing "Almost Blue".... Try not to cry, we know it's THAT GOOD.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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