Thursday, March 18, 2010

Decor to Die for: Rock Steady

Nope, we are not talking about the legendary 1980's break dance crew... At least not this time. We are talking about minerals and crystals... Nope not talking about THOSE kind of crystals either...

We are talking about the AMAZING, breath taking and stunning minerals that are right down under our feet inside the earth!

If you haven't been to your local history museum and checked out the gems and minerals room, we suggest you high-tail it over there. Trust us, you will thank us as you wander for hours enraptured by the beauty that comes from our earth.

We have been so inspired by these gems that we want to deck out our whole house with them!

The only problem is... Big time gem and mineral collectors pay tip-top dollar for these beauties.

Pretty much around the price you would imagine if someone said... "Hey I really want a 5 pound diamond sitting on my coffee table." Yes, some of these rocks will cost you about that much.

Seriously worth every cent is you have it to spend... Because they are raw out of the earth treasures.. One of a kind, rare finds.

But, we are not looking to have anything the same price as a 4 door car on our coffee tables. So, we have found an array of beautiful more affordable options. (Some are still Coo-Coo high end)

Like these stunning, get-the-fuck-out-of-town pieces from high end decorative objects designer Eduardo Garza.

Eduardo takes natures beauty and then steps it up a bit with solid gold bases, we love them because they still look organic and real... Just super fancy-pants.

Speaking of fancy-pants... Our girlfriend Kelly Wearstler the queen of the tableaux makes these insane boxes for her home line from Bergdorf Goodman.

Encrusted with raw cut minerals and gems... We went crazy over these when we first saw them in fact, we are still crazy for them.
They just make any table top prettier.

We found this solid yellow quartz lamp a year ago.... We just can't find where it comes from! And it is killing us because it is so beautiful and would make our living room perfect!!! So if you know, give us a holler.

Both the TWH gals fell hard for this crystal tea light holder... Yummy!

Moving on from Fancy Pants city into the real world, you can go on all these crazy hippie crystal sites and find really pretty stuff.
Like this super pretty amethyst sphere. Available at (No kidding) Dragon Art Work.

These blue agate book ends... So pretty!

How about this insanely insane amethyst bowl?

So amazing in your dining room!

And we found this really cool crystal light at

Even the less new-agey stores are getting into the mineral act, Anthropologie has some very pretty tea light holders and coasters made from crystal, agate and Miss Me's fave, amethyst.

We are so in heartsville with these gems and minerals... We can't wait to learn more and someday have a big giant chunk of yummy sitting on our table!

Just another reason to love our Mama Earth and treat her kindly!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


kkist said...

yowza! That yellow quartz lamp must be a pretty penny!!!!

Combat Joey said...

SO COOL!!!! Makes me wish I had room in my schedule to take geology...

Anonymous said...

Better late than never? The yellow quartz lamp is the "Miles Lamp" from Jan Showers.