Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Hearts: Thank you for being a friend!!

There is nothing random about it... Because friends make your life better in every way. They are the people who make you laugh harder then any body else, who are there for you when you need a cry, and boost you up when you need a lift.

When something happens in your life that makes you say OH MY GOD!!! You just have to call them... And if they have an OH MY GOD!! Moment... You want to hear about it!

And the most wonderful thing about best friends... Is as you grow up you realize.... You can have way more then one.

What a lucky thing to have different and amazing people to share your life with.

Of course their are fights... We are girls after all, what would life be without a little drama now and then...

But if the chips are down, or maybe things are looking up.... You know who you want beside you.

To share your fortune and your pain.... To tell you the truth about those new jeans you bought...."Yes, they do make you look fat! You are WAY too cute for those!" And coming from them... You know they are right.

You share your fashion finds, make-up tricks, silly dreams that you could never tell anyone else... They know you inside and out... And guess what? They still love you!!

A true friend makes you feel beautiful and special and worth while.... Because they adore you just like you adore them... You guys can trade advice about everything... Sure a lot of that advice is bad advice.... But at least you can laugh about it when you stumble.

If you are really lucky, you have at least one true friend. If you are really lucky, you are born with a B.F.F right in your own family! If you are really lucky, you have had the same best friends since you were 12 years old, If you are really lucky, you meet new and amazing friends when you least expect it.

So, what we are trying to say is... If you have a true friend.... You are so very lucky.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


COCAMIA said...

Friends do make life better! Such a beautiful post! Thank you...xo

lamb83 said...

What a poignant,touching post-thank you for such beautiful and true words.

kkist said...

I really really loved this...thank you!