Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Bueno: Pet Washing Machines...Seriously?

This new Japanese trend quickly coming to North America is a super NO BUENO....they are automated pet washing machines...yes they are EXACTLY what you are imagining....

If you are too lazy...too irresponsible to bathe your pet yourself or take them to a reputable groomer...then maybe....just maybe (and by that we mean definitely) you should not have a dog or a cat for your furry friend.

Yes it seems funny at"What the F is that? Is that real? Haaaahaha poor puppy!"

Then you watch again...look at the poor angels shoved into the closed space...flooded with water then soap then a burst of air while it's owners look on.

What do you think they are thinking?

Imagine that feeling of utter helplessness and fright of being put in a washing machine.

P.S. Please do us and our furry friends who have no voice and boycott any store or company that owns or operates these machines....

We are apauled! No Bueno!!!!!

Love your furry friends as much as they love you...

xoxo things we heart