Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random hearts: We SUPER Heart body swap movies!!!

Dear Dreamboat Zac Efron (oh please...don't act like he isn't getting more beautiful everyday!),

While we were traveling we were forced to watch 17 Again...and you know what? After the uncomfortable eye rolls and snickers we watched...laughed...giggled....swooned...laughed...and totally loved it!

So we promptly added it to our Netflix...which btw....if you don't have a Netflix account...GET ONE! we added it to our account in hopes of getting a certain boy in our lives to heart it as much as we did.

After much of his uncomfortable eye rolls and snickers...and telling me it's just because Z.E. is hot...he watched...and watched...and found that is it on HBO every 5 min and watched those too!
Well, so do we...literally everytime it's on.

It got us are absolutely in lovetown with body swap movies!!!!

Here are a few of our TDF faves...we are pretty sure they will send you into a BS (body swapping) tizzy and you will then add them to your Netflix accounts....

We think the obsession began with far one of the best BS movies ever created!!

That baby corn scene?!!??! Come on!!!!

We were all probably a wee bit too young to remember the next 2 but we for sure watched them and after watching the trailers, if will def bring back memories...

Vice Versa

Like Father, Like Son

Then there were the OGs like the original 17 Again, called 18 Again with the one and only George Burns

And the other OG of BS movies, All of Me with Steve Martin and Lily her!

And what about the 1 BS movie that had Oscar Nominations and was so odd and fantasmic you would almost forget that it was a BS movie??? Being John Malkovich!!!!!

Try it...Jen Garner is pretty F'n great in this!!!

So after we searched a bit more..there were 2 more that we vaguely remember but we totally saw at some point and we bet we hearted them then too...gonna watch these again this weekend!

Prelude to a Kiss with the cutie mcgootie Meg Ryan...she swaps bodies with an old man...

And there was Dream a Little Dream with the Coreys...Haim and Feldman...

not sure if we really did see this whole movie...but you better believe we are going to now!

P.S. We didn't forget about Freaky Friday (the OG or the Lindsay Lohan one)...we just didn't heart it but for those who is the remake trailer with LL back when she was actually an actor

Maybe tonight we can all do body swaps in our dreams! Fun times!!!
What are your faves???? Did we miss any good ones???

xoxo things we heart

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Anonymous said...

What about face swap movies? Face Off was radical!