Tuesday, March 9, 2010



1 year ago today Miss Me and Miss Twh decided to embark on an unknown journey into blogville...

Happy Birthday to us and you!!!!

Thank you for coming and hearting our hearts...
Our gift this birthday is having amazing and loyal readers like YOU!

Please pass us to as many friends, magazines and twitter folks as you can ;)

We heart you!

xoxo things we heart

P.S. Here are 2 presents for eachother (and we are sure some of you too!)


lamb83 said...

Happy 1st Anniversary to the fabulous Things We Heart!! Thank you so much,Miss Me and Miss Things We Heart,for all of the awesome and inspiring posts! Looking forward to even more wonderful posts in the future <3

COCAMIA said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Many Many more for you...xx

kkist said...

Dear TWH I looooove you so much for the Breaking Dawn trailer!!! Gaaahhh!

Angie Rebennack - the Outfit said...

Okay, first things first: Happy Birthday, ladies of bloggerton! Well done, thanks for entertaining and enlightening me for a year now.

And secondly. I saw this trailer. I don't know if it's the trailer's fault or my shoddy post-pregnancy hormones, but this did not excite me. That book was so exciting, I read it the fastest of all (um... 2 days I think) and yet... blahsville. Am I just being grouchy??