Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yummies: Humble Pie!

So sometimes, even those of us that like to think we are good cooks... Just don't get it right.

When you are home alone, or with your husband... Well these are the breaks and you just ignore the over salted spinach, and eat through dried out potatoes.....

But what to do when you are making dinner for friends?!

Oh my! This weekend Miss Me did just that!
Away for the weekend in a lovely snowy cabin with some friends, the girls all took turns cooking dinner for the group each night.

Everything was delicious... Until, Miss Me cooked up a big tray of over dry-woops I forgot the cheese- tuna noodle casserole!

Now, It wasn't horrible... But I know I can do better. We have all had that feeling! We just know we are better then what came out of the oven!

So what to do? I have been looking for the proper rules of etiquette, but I haven't found anything. I guess girls who write etiquette books don't dry out their dinners.

You don't want to make a big deal out of how bad it is.... You don't want your friends to think you don't know that it isn't up to snuff... What to do?

Time for humble pie!
This is what we think you should do...
(Unless your food is inedible, then call for take out and have a laugh)

1.Serve your dinner
2. Make a brief statement... "Wow guys I really dried this out, sorry! I will not have hurt feelings if you just have salad!"

3. Take all the fake compliments gracefully... "No really this is great we love crunchy burnt parts!" Just smile and say thanks.

4. Try and talk about other things and keep the wine and laughter flowing...

Most likely your friends are there to see you and have a good time, not hear you moan about how bad your cooking is... They can do that alone in the car ride home!

Oh and step 5. Time for a new cook book!

Everyone makes mistakes...
And if you just have to redeem yourself, start planing your next dinner party.

And don't forget to promise your friends it will be better and NOT to make that Taco Bell run before coming over for dinner.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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