Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashion Flash... Stalk Her Style! Serena van der Woodsen

Ohhh van der Woodsen, how did you get so van der Goodsen?
(I know super lame joke.. But kinda cute? Maybe?)

For so long you were lost to us in the shadow of the smack-you-in-the-face wonderfulness that is Blair Waldorf... And it is not easy to lose a 5' 11" blonde is anyone's shadow, a true testament to just how F*cking fantastic the Queen B is.

But, this post is not going to be another love song to Ms. Waldorf, our love for her is well documented, here, here ,here & here. Oh my... just realized our girl crush may be borderline inappropriate... Woops!

But back to the leggy blonde.

After years of drug addiction, rehab and wild parties, our little Serena has lost the school uniform....

grown up, and her style has evolved into 100% hot-ass woman.

Consisting of tons of super hot body-con dresses and the girl is giving us legs for days with those sky-high heels she is always wearing.

We have found ourselves getting ready for parties and thinking....
What would van der Woodsen do?

unfortunately it takes more then wearing the same dress as Serena to achieve Serena level loveliness...
Case in point.

... Shiver... Eeek! Sucks to be ANY other girl put up against Ms. v.d.W.
Same dress, 100% different results. Now, lets study.
Aside from the obvious advantages...

*Being 5'11".
*Having long thick blonde hair.
*That redic' body.

What is it that Serena has going on from whichever one of those
Kardashian sisters was unlucky enough to put on the same dress?

Serena is wearing this amazing Alexander Wang dress in the middle of the day!
She has the perfect accessories,
chunky peal necklace worn around her wrist,
a extra large purse,
simple, sexy pumps.

This Herve Leger bondage dress? AMAZING!
and when it is paired with messy hair, natural makeup it makes it even better.

These outfits are driving us crazy!
Lets take a look at some of the most inspirational outfits from this season.

(p.s. you do not wanna screw with a van der Woodsen woman)

Love the white blazer with the steel grey dress, and what the F* are those shoes?!
If you know please tell us!

This one just makes me want to punch someone in the face!
It is so simply perfect!
So now we know this lady knows how to work a form-fitting outfit.

Lets see how we can capture a little bit of this girls essence.

Start with a super body conscious dress... Oh P.S. this is NOT a good look to try for the first time on Thanksgiving let's keep the lumps in your gravy not in your dress after you eat.

We love the cut out back of this Alexander Wang tank dress.
Plus it is super soft cotton, a really easy way to ease into the short body conscious dress trend.

We are super in love with this cowl-neck sweater dress from F21!
SUPER-SUPER gonna show every curve you got.

One more casual version of the body-con dress, this grey zebra stripe sweater dress from U.O,
out of control!

But what about a all those holiday parties around the corner?
W.W.S.D for a cocktail party?

Maybe this insane white and gold mesh dress from
Sherri Bodell.

Perhaps this Herve Leger?

Grab an amazing blazer to throw on over your curve hugging dress, get a good one because this will be you new best-friend!

We like this boyfriend blazer from Shop Bop Basics.

Your gonna need some super sexy hooker shoes!
But like classy hooker... Vivian AFTER she met Edward...
(Sorry, we have a lot of Pretty Woman references this month)

OHHHH, just kill us now! These studded pumps from Dolce Vita
Are just slutty enough.

And the nude color of these beautiful Pour La Victoire heels
Will make your legs look 4 miles long!

Because heaven knows we are not all 5'11"!!

Now you just need an oversized bag,

Like this studded tote from Tory Burch.

There you have it... In a flash you are as fabulous as Serena van der Woodsen!
Now we just have to work on getting her bank account, do we can have her wardrobe budget...

But don't worry Blair, you still have our hearts...

We know you could take down that tall glass of water with your moxie alone.

See you on the Upper Eastside girls.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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Anonymous said...

I believe they're YSL shoes with the grey steel dress.