Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Bueno: Sugar 2 of Sugar Hangover a couple of weeks ago we talked about the No Bueno-ness of a sugar hangover and now we just can't seem to stop craving it.

From the moment we wake to the time we need to snuggle in bed...all we want is a cupcake and bowl of PBC ice cream.

Sounds silly right? Like..."Just don't eat it"
Waaay easier said than done!!!

The white devil (no not Spencer Pratt...gross) is in crystal form.
It tricks you by being suuuuper yummy...then it gets you and won't let go.

Sugar (the white refined kind) is actually considered to be a drug.

The way your neurotransmitters (WHOA... we are suuuper smart!) process it gives you a feeling of being "high". And you need more and more to keep that feeling of high over time...


But we found a wee bit o' good advice!

Thank goodness...that Halloween candy is still screaming our names and it's harder and harder to tell it to leave us alone...

Here are a few good steps....

  1. Know all the sneaky names for sugar. Read food labels and get rid of condiments, sauces, and dressings with sugar in them.
  2. Eat fruit.

    Fruit is a great way to eat something sweet, and control calories. Just stay away from dried fruit or sweetened fruit.

  3. Avoid artificial sweeteners. These are just a crutch. They keep you from learning to enjoy the natural sweetness of real food. There are also studies that show that they can make you crave sugar, not to mention the studies that show other dangerous health effects like cancer.
  4. Eliminate the white stuff. White flour, white rice, and white potatoes. These have the same affect on blood sugar as sugar, and this will make sugar harder to kick.
  5. Avoid juice. Even 100% juice is sugar water in disguise. Drink water, and if you must, only a splash of juice for flavor.
  6. Try stevia or agave nectar.

    Look for stevia and agave in the dietary supplement section. It will not be with the sweeteners.
  7. Learn to use honey. If you really need a sugar fix, eat some honey. It is very high in sugar but, has other benefits that sugar does not and it is all natural. Tip: Buy honey local to your area. The local pollens the bees use to make the honey could help prevent some seasonal allergies.
  8. Limit alcohol. Alcohol is made from sugar. It acts like sugar in the body. Especially when you first are trying to kick sugar stay away from any alcoholic beverages.
  9. Bring a low sugar dessert to share. Temptations are everywhere. Show others how delicious a low sugar life style can be.
  10. Keep it out of the house. Do not temp yourself with your child's pop tarts or your husband's ice cream. It is hard enough with out sweets calling your name all day long.
  11. Eat sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and brown rice with meals. These are the foods to replace the white foods with.
  12. If you must eat sweets, eat them after meals. After meals sugar has less of an effect on blood sugar. You will be less likely to crash and crave more later.

Sugar is a hard habit to kick. Cravings will lessen with time. The longer sugar is out of your diet the easier it gets.

P.S. Not only does the white devil make you cranky, chunky and tired...but it also AGES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find Agave here and Stevia here

OK...we just put away the chocolate chips....

Enjoy life...enjoy sweets....just not too many!

xoxo t.w.h.

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