Monday, November 2, 2009

Beauty: Making Waves and Braids and Messy Buns....

Things-We-Heart spotted them for fall, and they are still around for spring.
Rough waves!!
This amazingly stylish and simple to achieve look is all over the runways for Spring 2010, and we are happy to see it stick around.

TRICK OF THE TRADE: To create the wavy style at Chanel, stylist McKnight wrapped sections of hair loosely around a large-barrel curling iron and held them there for only a second, then brushed through the curls once they'd cooled to relax them a bit.

Model Abbey Lee seems to be the queen of this messy but not in an overly "bed-head- 90's" hairstyle. Isn't she adorable? We are kind of girl- crushing on her right now.

But, we really are excited about the new trends for messy and easy to do hair...
And you should be too!

The whole key to the rough waves look is to have them be just messy enough, with out being frizzy.

Our favorite way to tame the frizz and make the most of your natural wave (If you are lucky enough to have one) is to wash and then towel dry your hair, then work about a quarter size amount of Moroccan Oil through your hair from the ends up.

We found that if you twist your hair around your finger in little sections and let those ringlets air-dry then you can run your fingers through and get the perfect rough wave.

If you need more wave then you get that way, then use your flat iron and give your ends a little twist.

Remember to keep it messy and sexy, you don't want it to look like you spent hours on your hair and you don't have to.

For this really cute - hippie kind of crimped look you are going to have to do a little more work. Neil Moody who did this hair for the Ruffian show say here is how you do it.

"First, Moodie prepped dry hair with a heat-protecting moisturizing spray and rough-dried to encourage natural texture. Next, he twisted 15 to 20 small braids around the crown, starting a couple inches from the roots and leaving an inch at the ends. To add grit and volume, Moodie lavished plaits with a generous amount of Bb. Hair Powder and flat-ironed the length of them. Braids were then undone, locks were fluffed and teased at the crown, and Bb. Shine spray was misted over tresses to add sheen and movement."

Here is another hair trend from Alexander Wang (Hearts!!) spring 2010 runway show that we are really in love with!


Oh to have that long long hair! But who would ever know or care if you thickened up your braid a little with some extensions!?

Besides, all over the runways we are seeing braids and messy buns with things wrapped up in them.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2010: Country milkmaid braids with multi-hued ribbons

We have always hearted these crowns of braids, and the colored yarn just makes them that much more special.

We were also super excited by this... Beads, yarn and ribbon strewn through hair and all swept up in a beautiful low and messy twisted chignons!

Can someone have a wedding or cocktail party soon so we can try this one out?
It looks... LOOKS, like we may just be able to pull this style off on our own at home.

You can get step-by-step instructions here, if you want to try it too!

And needless to say, because we love ballerinas so, so much and therefore anything and everything to do with ballerinas... You can bet that we are rocking the ballerina bun right this instant.

Charlotte Ronson had the models hair pulled back in classic, but slightly messy ballerina buns for her Spring 2010 show.

What would we do without the popularity of messy hair? We have never been the girls who are super great at the intricate and time consuming super styled hairdo's of the past.
So messy buns, rough waves and woven braids, our hippie-girl-tom-boy hearts rejoice at the sight of you!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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