Thursday, November 12, 2009

Color Crave: Wonderful Winter White....

Wonderful winter white... the white that isn't so much plain white, as it is a sparkling exciting reminder that winter is *finally here white.
(We know that winter is not actually here... but it is close!)

Right now our color crave is for this exact tone of whiteness- something snowy, but warm.

This color crave started with the realization, that simple and luxurious white bedding was about as chic as you could get.

Then of course, there was that beautiful white and silver wall paper Miss t.w.h was telling you all about....

Something about this silver white and grey-blue dining room, mixed with the darkness of the dining table melted our hearts!

And now.... We are happy to admit that we are over the moon obsessed with warm shining winter white.

Now the trick is, learning how to introduce this color into our homes with out going in the wrong direction and ending up with a living room that looks like an operating room!

The all white furniture and bedding in this lavender blue room invoke the feeling of winter, and yet leave us feeling pretty cozy.

The same can be said for this almost all white living room, it is invitingly useable due in part to the pile of white floor pillows in the corner.

A classic Flokati rug is an important piece of the puzzle when you are trying to make an all white room a welcome and useable place.

Be bold and turn your space into a slice of heaven. You have a few choices when working white into your home;

Go all the way white from ceiling to floor and everything in between

All white rooms can look amazing and ethereal and just kinda WOW...

But, after the "White sofa debacle of 2009" well, lets just say Miss Me will not be having any all white rooms till her little babies are off in college.

That brings us to option 2, a mainly white room with accents of soft colors and fabulous patterns.

(House & Garden)
The combination of the blue door, the ghost chair and the silver faux branch side table are making us ache all over!

We really have no words for this bedroom... It's beauty sort of just brings a tear to our eyes.
We will leave it at that because to try and pin-point it's beauty is beyond definition.
Ok look away!! It is too beautiful!

This mostly white dining room is warmed up by the wooden table and mismatched chairs.

Don't you just wanna have your morning coffee here?

So, lets get into the Things We Heart wonderful winter white wish-list!

Starting with those yummy cozy 4 star hotel worthy white sheets.

Every time we have gone to a nice hotel and snuggled up under the soft sheets, we have stolen a little glance at the tags... They always say the same thing.

Add some beautiful and soft (cashmere if possible) throw blankets to add texture and even more yumminess!

We are hearting these safari printed cashmere throws from Williams-Sonoma Home.
The snow leopard blanket is out of control!

Another super delicious throw is from... believe it or not... Nate Berkus for the HSN! How fantastic is that?

Lets move out of the bedroom and into the living room... I know it is so hard.... Climb out from under the blankets!! You will be happy you did when you curl up in this insane chair!

Crazy detail, scalloped bottom, nail heads??
Check Check Check!

Unless you have chocolate milk loving tots who don't seem to understand that white sofas are not made for snack time, YOU should go for a white sofa... They are fantastic and beautiful!
This Baxter Sofa from our sweetie Jonathan Adler is beyond dreamy.

Oh warm little winter snow angles, we feel you flying all around us!!
With these useful and beautiful little puffs scattered around your living room... You will feel like you are in a room full of snowflakes!

Tazi Designs are the kings of the poof!
Add a few of these silver stools from Wisteria for movable cocktail tables and you are sooo good to go!

But wait! What will you serve while you guest float around the room like falling snow?

Bubbly of course! sparkling in all it's decadent goodness... kind of like our favorite vampire.
Serve it in these amazing glasses from Anthropologie.

Or perhaps tea? in the cutest winter white and gold tea set we have found...

Don't forget lots of glowing white candle light!
Nothing spells out winter like a warm aromatic house.

We are also in love with white flowers in silver vases right now.
Scatter small arrangements all over you house.

If you are lucky enough to live near Trader Joes, you can make 2 bouquets of their white flowers go a looong way when you split them up.

You know how somethings that seem all wrong are actually the most amazing and beautiful things you can find?

Like this white peacock!! Hello insanely amazing beauty!!

Or perhaps these upholstered arm chairs in the kitchen of designer Windsor Smith's Los Angeles home...
Seriously... When we first saw this photo tour of the designers home... We wanted to copy every single thing!

Almost all white, Windsor's home is still a relaxed and lived in family home... She has 2 teenaged sons, so her house has to hold up.
But she manages to get everything just right... We love these white framed black and white photos in her stairway.

Take a tour yourself and get super inspired and ready to go winter white!

We are so in love with the color white right now, don't be afraid to go all out and make at least one corner of your home a winter wonderland.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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