Tuesday, November 10, 2009

yummies: We heart fall weather picnics!

Brrrrr...the brisk November air (well everywhere but Lala...it's still 80!..and no...we are not bragging...we are waiting for the cold to come), the smell of holidays in the air and snuggling with your love and best friends...we love November!

We were sitting with one of our bfs, SM, thinking of what to do one day while we were hanging out...
Shopping? No...Recession anyone?

Movies? Nah...too pretty out to be in a theater.

Workout? Hahahahahahahahahahhaha

Then it came to us....PICNIC!

Nothing is more romantic (hey you can be romantic with friends...it doesn't always have to be full of kisses and candles) and frugalista chic than packing up some gourmet goods and eating in a park under natures canopies...Trees people! Natures canopies are trees...

So we packed up our basket with our fave goodies, threw a blanket in the car and made our way to the closest park...Perfection!!!

If you are in need for a picnic but need the perfect basket here are a few of the greatest we found at 3 different price points...from Shmancy to affordable.

Um...who the F knew that picnic-ing could be soooo fabulous!? Goyard's picnic trunk is filled with the most gorgeous accessories from plates and utensils to wine glasses and tea cups and a thermos! Not to mention all wrapped up in the most amazing yellow lining.

Oh PS it has drawers!!!!!
We hope it does for the price we think it is!

Ok..now that the sticker shock is gone this is our all time fav picnic "basket". We have been obsessed with this one for a while now. It's a basket/ trunk and table all in 1.

Yes please!!!!!
This would be the perfect gift for your fancy friends who need nothing but love life. Ahhheeemmm! :)

You will never forget a thing (or hurt your back carrying) with this picnic backpack.

It comes with everything you need...including the blanket! Wooo hooooo!

And they don't have to be fussy...you can have a wonderous picnic in a few simple steps...

1. Grab a empty basket (try a handle one...super easy)

2. Fill with cheese and quince paste...yum!


(organic shouldn't give you a headache)


3. Pack a water resistant blanket- it's only water resistant on the back so the fall dew doesn't seep through...smart!

LOOOVE the tartan plaid!

4. Grab eating utensils and a corkscrew and napkins

5. A grocery bag to clean up after yourselves

6. Last but never least...a good book!!!

Now, because it's Fall and we need to be cute and warm we put together a few pieces to make sure we all look super cute yet picnic chic while staying snuggly. You're welcome!

Yummmmmm...this sweater from Covered is perfection for our picnic!

So easy yet snuggly and chic.

Throw on a pair of your fave skinny jeans...or leggings.

Tuck said pants into these fantabulous boots from Fiorentini Baker.

They are the perfect cold weather boot. Not too high on the leg, not too short...not to tight but not too slouchy and look amazing with casual wear (and gowns for that matter).

Don't forget your fav T and a scarf!

Done and deliciously Done!

So go out...enjoy natures gifts and good food with friends...bundle up and do something most take for granted...have a picnic!

xoxo t.w.h.

sorry...we couldn't resist this picture!!!

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Hampers said...

Nice blog with very nice pictures. Like Goyard's picnic trunk. Just curious where can I buy this and at what cost. I would love to gift one to my friend on Christmas.