Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random hearts: We want gadgets and gizmos a plenty...who its and what its galore....Funny yet useful gadgets pt.2!!!

Our BF could use this amazing pair of eye dropper glasses...

Oh, how we uber heart a good gadget, invention and gizmo...oh how we long to get one and use it til we get bored or until it breaks.

Today we live for recorded by late night informercials...we have to have the dehydrator, the Snackmaster and that crazy airbrush makeup machine....or anything else they tell us we need.

P.S Why is it that they only sell us amazing things we need at 4am? Let me think...ok I'll think about it after I eat this pint of ice cream and bag of Oreos...legalize it...that's all I'm saying...that way they can run Infomercials 24/7...right? Right?


Our last RH post about totally rad and hilarious yet super useful gadgets got sooo much love we couldn't resist another.
And this one is in perfect time for the good ol' season o' presents! Woo hoo!

The perfect job could be right here under our noses...gadget shopping and testing!

Wow!! Sauce dispensing please!

How fun would that be? The only thing that could top that would be either a Ben and Jerry's taste tester/flavor consultant or a facial laser guinea pig ( know how expensive those lasers are? UGHH...if we only wore SPF 30 when we were tiny beach bunnies).

There are different levels of gadgets and gizmos from useful and chic to silly and totally trashable...but the ones we are about to show you are riiiight in between and super fun to use and give to the ones you heart.

First up is a super good idea for hiding your jewels...The Sourdough Loaf Safe ;)
Experts say it that robbers usually only look for things for 8 minutes in a house...there is no way they will ever find your goods in this! Well, that is unless they are hungry and feel like making a cheese sandwich. Hmmmmm....

We loooooove this um product...not so much a gadget persay, but suuuuuuper useful for you boys out there...Ritual Nature Calls Toilet Drops!

It's a dropper filled with some weird liquid that when dropped in the bowl (before the deadly deed is done) and voila! No stink!
No more lighting and blowing out matches!
Um..PS... girls don't need this because we don't poop...and if we did, it would be gardenia scented glitter.

Again not sooo much a gadget ( we need to change the title? No because all of these super cute things are totally useful like a gadget...right?) but definitly great to have and give out for the next few weeks.

It's the perfect thing for family and friends that are crazy hard to shop for or just don't ever tell you what they want...Oooops I should probably order one of these "What I want" pads for!

Oh geez! We could totally use these To Do Tattoos! For some reason, the school girl in us has never gone away and there are many a day when we walk around with ink on our faces from accidentally wiping our nose with hands filled with notes.
It's the perfect gizmo! Stick it on your hand and jot down anything you need to remember. Perfect for your friend who is always on the go.

Ever wonder what Mr Dog and Miss Kitty are doing when you leave the house? know they totally conspire when we leave. Cupboards are mysteriously opened...undies go missing and freshly made beds are no longer.
Well...we have a pet lovers dream here! Throw a Pet's Eye View camera on them and you will never be in the dark again!
It takes a pic of the bad bunnycats in preset intervals...pop it in your computer via the USB port and you will probably wish you had never seen will never wonder how the cat box was miraculously cleaned every day..."MR DOG...YOU SICK PUPPY!"

Do you have a bestie that you are sick of telling to quit smoking? Love her/him sooo much but every time you tell them how gross and bad smoking is, it goes in one ear and out the other?
Well...yell no more!
This lung ashtray is the perfect gadget for your home and theirs. When ever they light up near this amazing screams and coughs at them! Sooo rad! They will kiss you for it later.

Hello ridiculously rad Ghetto Blaster High Tops!!!! Are you for real????????? If you are we super heart you and want to hang you on our wall as FArt...(Fine Art).
The only problem is there is no Ipod connection so either these are really old or sooo retro they are really cool now.
Just think how these could have saved Llyod Dobbers arms from falling asleep in Say Anything.

Can't get your kids to eat? Maybe they will when you let them eat with these tractor utensils?
I would totally eat all of my food with these cutie mcgootie gizmos. OMFG...let's go to Yogurtland right now and eat our tub o' yum with these!!!!! FUN!

Holiday time is the best time to give and receive gadgets and gizmos a plenty!
P.S. Restoration Hardware has the best retro and new gadgets around for the best prices!

xoxo t.w.h.

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