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Beauty: Golden Rules from Golden Girls

These days everything seems to be about technology and what is the newest, fastest way to keep our skin looking as young and beautiful as we can.

And hey, we are all for it... Lasers are our best friends!

Sometimes though, it can do us all a lot of good to take a look back in time and listen to what the beauties of yesterday knew about staying beautiful.

Today we bring you, "Golden Grandma's" simple tips for beauty! We searched high and low and near and far and brought you our favorite old school secrets.

For a Glowing Complexion

Take two tea spoon of yogurt and mix one tea spoon of fresh lime juice in it. Mix it well and apply on face. Leave it for thirty minutes and wash it with tap water. This remedy brings glow on the skin.

Take a generous handful of lilly and rose petals (dried or fresh) and place them in a bowl's worth of boiling water and "cook" for 15 minutes. Filter and allow to cool before washing your face in the preparation.

Mix together a batch of lavender water, after you wash your hair rinse in the lavender water. Your hair will smell sweet for days.
(*Note, homemade lavender water in a pretty bottle would be such a sweet X-mas gift! Attach a cute tag with directions on how to use.)

When interviewed by a newspaper on her 90th birthday one Golden Granny was asked how she had taken care of her skin all these years... She broke it down like this:

90 Year Olds Beauty Rules

  • Cleanse the skin at night to remove dirt, chemicals from sunscreen, makeup, and air pollutants.
  • Take a refreshing, short, warm (not hot) morning shower.
  • Use glycerin soap. Glycerin helps to keep the skin moisturized.
  • Apply body lotion immediately after towelling off so that the skin’s open pores absorb the beneficial ingredients.
  • Wash hair only every second day, as shampoos strip the hair follicle of natural oils.
  • Look for a quality shampoo at a natural health store. Ingredients such as rosemary and nettles stimulate hair growth, while camomile brings highlights to fair hair.
  • Apply makeup lightly to even out skin tone and enhance contours of the face.
  • Treat skin conditions with witch hazel, an old-fashioned remedy that has stood the test of time. It’s a healing lotion for pimples and cuts and works well as an aftershave.
(Sorry we can not find the source!)

Ohhhh, that 90 year old cutie-pie knew what she was doing!

Afraid to crack a smile? When you tried Crest White Strips it hurt if you smiled on a windy day? Here are some easy and old-fashioned ways to whiten that smile.

Strawberry Whitener:

To lighten tooth stains and whiten your teeth, crush a fresh strawberry and rub it onto your teeth. The natural alpha-hydroxy acids found in strawberry should help lighten teeth. Follow by rinsing with water.

Herbal Tooth Whitener:

1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp 3% hydrogen peroxide
Dip toothbrush into the mixture and brush for three minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Fllow with regular tooth paste or herbal mouth rinse.

Here is one I got straight from the source... My husbands adorable and sweet Aunt Ruth (75 years old) told me "You should always make sure to put sunscreen on the backs of your hands... EVERY DAY!"

And I really try to remember to do it... Because who wants a bunch of age spots on the backs of their hands? Prevention today will save you a fortune in the dermatologists office tomorrow!

What about cramps? Really awful, really bad cramps?!

Irregularities in your cycle? Anything number of the things women suffer through?

For menstrual irregularities:

try raspberry leaves and nettles steeped in boiling water for five minutes. Strain and drink, add a touch of honey if necessary. Tea is effective for regaining uterine tone post-partum, fibroids, and painful cycles. Also effective for PMS symptoms and encouraging milk supply in nursing mothers.

Speaking of honey...
Honey is amazing for sooo many different things,
*honey contains enzymes which help to heal the skins surface and promote healthy skin. In addition, honey is a natural antibacterial, which will help with inflammation of blemishes, and has been shown to lighten superficial scars easily.

Aspirin (Must be uncoated, generic aspirin)
Honey - (Organic is preferable. MANUKA Honey is your best option for this mask, as it has a higher UMF rating than plain honey, thus producing stronger results)
Water and a Fork....
(*Note this mask may also be used locally to treat blemishes... And over at threesugarsplease where we got the recipe, they say it rivals Mario Badescu drying lotion!!!- This is a informative site, please check it out.)

Another sweet secret about honey is that it is said to make a lady sweet all over.
Along with pineapple it is one of the most recommended ways to make your lover love to love you even more.
But, we didn't exactly hear that from a Granny!
Although, I'm sure quite a few of them have all kinds of naughty secrets from when they were in their prime.

It really is simple to put these tried and true beauty secrets to good use.

These tricks, mixed with all the new advances in beauty care both corrective and preventative, nothing should stop our generation from being even more golden then The Golden Girls!

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