Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Bueno: The Holiday Gift Pressure!

Who came up with the whole... the biggest and most number of gifts win...thing????

What happened to the days where "It's the thought that counts" was what was most important?

Somehow we got stuck in a world where the thought goes out the window and gluttony and greed snuck in (not in an evil way, just in a..."is maxing out your credit card and going broke just to give the most presents a good thing?" kinda way)

There was a time when families would set a spending limit, pick one member each and be forced to be thoughtful and creative.

Great gift idea! Personalized throws from West Elm

We are not saying you shouldn't get the gift you want...we just think going overboard and all of the pressures today of feeling like you have to go nutso should be a thing of the past.

So lets go back to purity...let's make the "thought that counts" the most important thing....put down the flat screen, and the gift cards, and sweaters, and the earrings, and the trunk organizer (wait! i do need one of those!), and the Wii games...
Sit back and think about the person you are giving to...write it down and go from there.

Here is a good book to help you along the way...A Gift For Giving.

Or try going to Etsy for a cute thoughtful gift.

Or a great flea market for something totally unique and special.

Or Martha Stewart has cute ideas for homemade and thoughtful but pretty gift ideas.....

Remember...your friends and families will love you the same amount no matter what happens.

Fun gift idea! Custom door mats!

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