Friday, November 13, 2009

Fashion Friday: As if it needs to be said...cozy up to cashmere...

So as of late, you may have noticed for cashmere and fall weather ...OK so it's more of an obsession so I am sure you have noticed.

But seriously have you snuggled up in some cashmere lately? Have you?
Cuz if you have, you are super on our cashmere lovin' bandwagon. If a sweater or 3 and we will see you on the wagon trails.

Wrapping up in scrumdidilyumptious cashmere offerings feels as cuddly as a bunny cat sleeping on you.
Cashmere wool is created from the brushing of the molted layer of goats fur. They spin the brushed under layer of fur into this crazy soft yarn....Thanks Cashmere goaties!

Here are our faves in the land of cashmere...

The easiest (and usually most recessionista chic) way to be swathed in the lusciousness, is wearing a scarf.
Loving this infinity wrap scarf from James Perse. Tres weird hanging ends!
Just twist it around your neck...fluff it up and you are ready to grace the streets of Paris.

Speaking of Tres Chic...
A heather grey Cashmere cardi with stripes made of chiffon ruffles....ummm... OUI MERCI!
This would look amazing over a tee (Mr Wang's are still our favs) with leggings and OTK or those Fiorentini Baker boots we love so much...cuteness! (PS scroll down on the link to see the boots)

This red low back, bat sleeve, suuper soft, fabulusious sweater dress reminds me of when I was 6 and I would sneek in my mom's closet and try on her red angora backless dress and walk around until I would fall asleep on the floor with the dress wrapped like a blanket.
Of course it's from Halson! It soooo '80s a good way! This would look hot with flat OTK boots...

Oy Vey!!!!!
Wow...this is a real Snuggie...this is what a Snuggie wishes it was.

This draped "blanket" cardigan is absolute heaven. So Dramatic yet totally wearable.

Hi cute NM cashmere poncho! You are super cute. We want you so we can wear you with skinny jeans and boots!
Then we will go out to eat and eat sooo much...but you won't be able to tell cuz your so loose! Woo hooo!

Now, this is what we think of when we thing cashmere sweaters. Yummy, slouchy, warm, soft, and perfect!
The boyfriend fit is so casual yet super pulled together and it will go with any outfit you can imagine! Thanks GAP!

So, when you think of someone being a triple threat, you may think of Beyonce or even JLo...but they may have to move over when they meet the designer of Lolly, Chad Kimball. He created this positively crazy snuggly soft hoodie/ robe/cardigan.
Not only does Chad Kimball create buttery cashmere pieces for Lolly by day... he is also a star on Broadway at night, and the designer for Obvious clothing!!! And you thought you had no time for anything.
Geez...way to make us feel like failures Chad...thanks :(
But seriously...thanks for your soft as angel kisses cashmere

We looove Lolly's hounds tooth (yes suuuper Coco Chanel-y) cashmere kimono robe.
We can envision this cuddly creation on a cooold Sunday morning...grabbing the paper and looking chic doing it. Buh bye stinky sweats!

Oh, hahaha...yet another Coco inspired cashmere piece. This one we found from Line...and boy oh man do we need this!
We would grab 1 size bigger..throw on some tights and oxfords or tall (flat) boots and be on our merry little Parisian way.

Ohhhh! We forgot all about our lurve for cashmere gloves!!!!
Wear these suuuper cute Carolina Amato zippered versions on a cold day and your fingers will thank will the fashion critics.

While you are being crazy cute and warm with your zippered cashmere gloves...don't forget your head!
While we are still crazy in love with cashmere beanies...we thought we would switch it up a bit with a hat. And this Banana Republic hat would be the perfect one!
Love the military-esque style of this super warm and soft cashmere blend cap. Bad hair days will be behind you once you get this bad boy...

So you don't have to walk more than 2 steps in our house to know we are a bit psycho about black and white and stripes...and you are reading our rant about cashmere...
Now imagine our beating hearts when we found this STRIPED CASHMERE thick SCARF!!!!!
Hello? Xmas is coming up... Just thought we would remind you guys in case you forgot. And if you still don't know what to get want this scarf!!!!! Hope your reading this mom ;)

Imagine your fave American Apparel wide neck sweatshirt (ok our uber fave too) in Cashmere...can you imagine!?!??!
Well, now your dream is a reality!!!!!!!! Wooooo hoooo!
Thanks to Shop Bop our search and dreaming are over! Yummmmmyyyyy and easy! If you love us sooo much that the striped scarf just isn't enough, you are more than welcome to give us one of these too! Just sayin ;)

Think Cashmere sweaters have to be nice and pretty? Nope...they can be rock n' roll too!
Crushin on this chain detailed, over sized sweater from Velvet. No need to look any further to find the perfect do it all cashmere sweater...pair this with skinny jeans and cons and you are GTG (Good To Go) Cutey Mcgoo!

Where have you been sparkly paillette cardi?
We want this La Rok beauty in our closets...NOW
You could literally pair this with anything and it will up the ante! See save moolah on the other stuff... just by grabbing this sweater! take a deep breath...did you? You need to when you see the piece de resistance....
OMFG! Um ...we are!!!!!!

Oh gosh...we will give back all the other presents (well maybe not the striped scarf...but all the others) for these TDF drop crotch, cashmere pants from Heaven...I mean from Robert Rodriguez.
Enough said...they speak for themselves...but seriously!??!??!?!? YUMMY!

Now that you are officially on our wagon of cashmere are a few tricks to keeping your treasured goods in tip top shape.

1. Buy cedar balls or blocks (moths looove cashmere as much as we do)
2. Grab a plastic sweater box
3. Stick your gorge cashmere in the box with the balls (ooooh sounds dirty)
4. Do NOT Dry clean your cashmere. The chemicals make is stiff and break down the fibers...we have learned the hard way.
5. Wash in cold water on the delicate cycle. We love to use the Laundress' detergent

6. Do NOT dry...lay flat over a bath tub or sweater net

Easy Breasy Beautiful...Cashmere! (you thought we were going to say Covergirl ;0 )

Get cozy!

xoxo t.w.h.

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