Thursday, November 5, 2009

Decor to Die For: Love your walls...wrap them up! We heart wallpaper! (the new breed)

This post ain't about your mama's wallpaper...and if it is...WOW we are jealous with a capital J!

Remember in the 60's '70s and '80s when wallpaper was all the rage? When every wall and ceiling were covered in the crazy floral goodness of rose and emerald colored or psychedelic colored paper?

Yeah us too...we don't remember most of it but we have faint visions of Strawberry Shortcake paper peeling away near our beds and finding even worse pink and blue floral paper under it...
it was like an 80's garden ate too much blueberry pie and threw up on the walls.

Sorry! But at least you got the visual right?...Right?

So then came the '90s...the decade where we were over crazy garden themes and weird plaids (that could actually be cool now!) strewn on the walls...the years where flat painted walls got all the attention..even though the spice colored walls were almost as bad as the wallpaper.

Then came Kelly and her ode to Hollywood Regency..aka Modern Glamour.

Her love of flocked damask and '60s modern-y yet totally of the now geometric designed wallpaper changed our decor loving souls forever. Her papers reopened our eyes to how fantasmic walls o' paper can be.

From then on...well it was only a few years ago, but still seems like eons ago...wallpapers have gotten the uber cutey bean treatment. There is a paper for everyone!

Check out this rad company...Given Campbell

Its super will never be out of ideas again...maybe a bit more confused then ever before, but never uninspired ;).

Let's take a trip on the wallpaper wagon of love shall we?

First stop...the reason our bathroom is papered in black and white...Miss Wearsler's papers for
Schumacher through her design house KWID.

Though her new style may be a far cry from Modern is still pretty interesting.
They may not inspire an entire interior decor revolution like her past designs, they are every bit different and new in an '80s kinda way.

How amazing is that brass lamp and camo ikat pillow! Not to mention how gorge she is.

Oh jeesh...hi ridiculously cute flamingo paper from Cole and Son!!!

This paper is soooooo good in a Fort Lauderdale-ish way. I saw this in an Urban Outfitters last year and took pics with my phone to inspire me to do a wall of this in my powder room (too bad the boy of the casa was over my "newest" must do)

But how fun is it...imagine this in a dining room with super grown up and heavy furniture...and a brass Sputnik chandelier....yummm.

Miss Westwood...Queen of "punk couture" the lady of plaids and corsets, brings us some of the coolest new paper around for her collection with Cole and Son.
It's soooo unlike what you would think when you thought of her but at the same time it's totally what you would expect. Perfectly unexpected and works.
This blue squiggle paper from the Dame is great! It would look fantasmic paired with mid century modern furniture from Room and Board...throw in a great Saarinen marble tulip table...done and done...

Lovin how this next graphic WP looks in this fun bedroom! The grey graphic print somehow totally works with all of the other elements in the room although none of them are in the same design category...perfection!
OMG...turquoise ugly doll on a yellow chair? Yes please! We are totally stealing that idea...shhhh!

One day Miss Me and I walked into a babies nursery and almost got sick (in the best way possible)
The walls were wrapped in the most stunningly gorgeous and delicate sea anemone silver paper. It was by far the most beautiful room we have seen!

We have searched high and low for that paper but came up empty handed...then we found a cousin of it...just as beautiful and delicate.

Graham Brown are the people to thank up and down for this delicate pale blue starburst-esque paper. OH GOD! Look at that brass Chippendale chair too!!!!

Remember that amazing post about yellow (well it was pretty inspiring right?...thanks!)?
We were soooo hearting the yellow desk against the striped walls and MW rug...we had to figure out how to steal each piece....
We found the paper!!!! It's from Farrow Ball. They have tons and tons of stripes...all different sizes and colors...wooo hooo!
Stripes are a great way to have an impact with out going totally crazy...and they kinda work with everything.

Who would'a thought that black and charcoal grey birdie WP would ever totally does!!!

It's incredibly and surprisingly delicate, modern and shmancy all in one. If you are afraid to go too "dark" mix it up with bright furniture and accessories like they did here at Ferm Living.
Uber chic and playful. Watch out Mr comes our decorators!

OH DOMINO!!!!! Come back!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for inspiring us with this room.
This unbelievably striped black and white hallway/room is GORGE.
If you described this to a friend they would think you were on acid...but it somehow absolutely works! Even in the midst of all the stripes the details still manage to pop.

Tres Chic! Coco would totally heart this. Go bold or go home!

Speaking of black and white but in a fully different direction.....

Cuteness!!!!!! OMG we are uber hearting this "whale" of a time wallpaper!
The black and white keeps in crispy and modern while the cartoon whales keeps it fun.
We love it in this bathroom!

Think you have to drape papier peint (that's wallpaper in French...sooo fancy...sorry we are still a bit obsessed with Coco Chanel) over your walls for an impact? Nope!
Throw it up in a tiny (or huge...lucky!) closet to brighten and liven the space up. Your clothes will have so much fun and every time you open the doors you will too.
Or you can even leave the doors open cuz it's like a piece of art.

OK, remember that uuuuber cutie bean whale of a time wallpaper from above? Here is a more grown up version from...OMFG! We lost the link!!!!!!!! (poop...we will find us if you want it and I will find. SORRY!)

It's an MC Escher-esque ode to fun wallpaper. Look closely...each animal changes and morphs into something else...we lurve the Giraffe-hopper and the Shark-horse.
Any boy would love this in his room (or just a headboard wall of it)...but if you are ready and willing...your dining room is screaming for this!

Throw in some mismatched chairs with your table and some Jonathan Adler pottery (swoon!!!) and you are officially the raddest gal/guy in the land of Rad.

And now the finale....a paper both you and your significant other will love. Yay and thank goodness!!!

This perfectly feminine meets masculine feather paper from Walnut, is de-lish!
Played safe here in this pic with club chairs, you could punch it up with say a navy velvet upholstered chair or a fun yellow console or anything! Just try to step out of the will work ;)

The best thing about wallpaper? It can totally change your room (with a tweety bit of elbow grease) in the flash of an eye.
It can make a boring room exciting for much less than replacing all of the furniture...and much more interesting then just mixing a texture or 2.

P.S. You know when you see people "hanging" wallpaper in movies and it's all over the place?...Sticking everywhere and dripping on everything?
Well, the new school versions are waaay easier to do..the only thing you have to do is make it straight!

Here is a super good tutorial from one of our fav WP companies....Ferm Living...

There are literally thousands upon thousands of papers in the (or 5) for every different person.
Our go to favs are Walnut Paper and Graham Brown....

But there are soooo many!! Find your faves!

In the words of Mae West...
"Too much of a good thing....can be wonderful"

Have fun!

xoxo t.w.h.


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