Monday, November 9, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Here's to your health! Drink in the beauty...

Remember that movie, "Death Becomes Her"? ...No???

Ummmm it now... or tivo it now!

It's spectacular...Goldie Hawn, the Goddess that is Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis...enough said.
Well for those of you that have seen it, remember that part where Isabella Rossellini (Yeah! She's in it too!) gives Meryl a magic potion that turns back her Beauty Clock by 15 years?

If not (or for you movie slackers) here is the scene...

So some of us who may not have the secret magic potion like Demi Moore (serrrriiioooouuuussslllyyyy what the F ?)

or the moolah like Madonna...there are ways to find the fountain of youth in a potion...well in a drink I guess.

In a year or 2, the market will be saturated with drink mixes, powders...etc that promise to give you a youthful glow.
So, before your beautiful brains get inundated with ads, promises and 2 for 1 deals we found a few of the highest rated and well tested (that is the key really) ways to drink to your (youth) health.

Drinking minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes...what have you is waaay better than taking a pill.
Your body can absorb liquids over 6 times faster than pills which means it can absorb way more of the goodness too!

First up and the inspiration for this post is the most pure and natural, from the Earth, way to drink your beauty.

Flaxseed oil has been around for centuries but until recently it was really a hippie secret to glowing skin and shiny hair. Now the peaceful warriors have given us their secret.

Flaxseed oil can be applied to skin too, but we prefer to do it the real way....drink it (or drizzle on your oatmeal if you can stomach a spoonful of oil). It is filled with Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids and tons of health loving minerals that are all unbelievable for young sparkly skin.

Oh and has been known to fight against sun damage and help protect you against skin cancer...DONE DONE AND SUUUPER DONE!

Make sure you get 100% pure Flaxseed can take it in pill form too but we love feeling like bad asses by swigging oil out of the bottle ;)

While we are talking about the all natural and pure way to drink your way to of the Musketeer's introduced us to Alive by Nature's Way.

We have never seen soooooo many amazing vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants...(which btw are the best things you can take for your skin and body)...all in one product.

So we went out bought a few of the yummy vanilla flavored shake packets (it also comes in pure liquid and capsules form) and we were very surprised.

Not only did it taste great but we felt vibrant as well. I can't imagine how great we will feel and look after we drink it for a month!

Although it was not created just to make your outer beauty shine from with in...there is no way with all of those amazing and stabilized vitamins and antioxidants, that your skin doesn't thank you with a youthful glow.

Time for the first of 2 of the new generation of drinks that are created and marketed for drinking in your beauty.

Borba was started by a guy (I know right?) who realized that beauty actually does come from with in.

He created Borba Nutraceuticals to deliver valuable nutrients to the body and skin to improve itself from with in and create an outer glow and more youthful skin.

Borba also has a line of topicals, so while you are supporting and beautifying your body and skin from with in with the drinks and chewable nutrients, you can also improve your glow on the outside.

Borba's line of drinking yourself beautiful comes in 4 deliciously magical recipes...Firming, Anti Aging, Clarifying and Replenishing...ooooh!

We will be looking as smooth and refreshed as a babies bottom...not to mention totally hydrated (and a tweety bit more poor)

Glowelle...the name just says it all. But does it actually do what it says it will do? Oh, is what it says it does....

Glowelle is a bottled or powdered on the go drink that is said to help with skin clarity, melanin distribution (that is the stuff that produced freckles and botchy's like the mean fairy), and filled to the brim with antioxidents for fighting sun damage and age.

Well sounds amazing!!!! Let's find out if there is a catch...

According to this chart (it is from the company so always be a tiny teeny bit sceptical) Glowelle contains an Oxygen delivery system to help get all of the vitamins and nutrients to your skin faster through proper absorption (so you don't tinkle it out) at a rate of 10 times faster than its competitors.

We looked and looked to see if the all of the magical ingredients were stabilized for freshness and effectiveness but couldn't find a claim for it. But what we did find their study in woman that most said after drinking Glowelle, their skin and glow was renewed and they felt more energetic.
Ok...they got us ;)

But listen don't have to spend a ton on the shmancy drinks and trendy waters to let your inner beauty shine through your skin...

Eat right, drink tons of water and wear sunscreen...we promise you kiss us later ;)

P.S. You are beautiful!

xoxo t.w.h.

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