Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random hearts: At the Ballet...

Tendue...2..3..4 and Jete...2...3...4... now point...plie and pirouetteeeeeeee and finish....

Ahhhhhhh...the grace of a ballerina.

There is nothing in the world more beautiful, more graceful or more unbelievable than ballet.

I was one of the luckiest girls in the world when our sweet boy took me to see the American Ballet Theater. As tears poured from my eyes and chills went down my spine...I looked over at the boy and he was feeling the same thing...which, PS made me cry more!

The way the dancers twisted and moved their gorgeously toned bodies...the way they soared through the air like they were on wires and how the stunning woman would dance on their toes with the most ridiculously arched feet was absolutely glorious.

Oh GOSH we heart Ballet!!!!!!!!

Even if you are not as coo-coo crazy obsessed with it like us, you can still enjoy all that it has to offer...remember that crazy cute Ballet Fashion post?

Although they say Ballet is a dying is most certainly making a comeback! WHoooo hooooo!!

Let's start with the movies we love about ballet...
PS A couple of them won huuuuge awards!

Um hi...Natalie Portman and Darren Aronofsky? read that right. They are teaming up to do a BALLET MOVIE!!!! (Hee hee sorry for screaming, but WOWOWOWO that is unbelievable)

DA wrote and is directing The Black Swan coming out next year...which BTW is from one of the most famous and most beautiful ballets ever, Swan lake.

We can't wait....

The God of Ballet, Mikhail Baryshnikov, starred along side Gregory Hines in White Nights (suuper 80's). Amazing movie!

The there is The Turning Point with Shirley Maclaine, Anne Bancroft and again the God, Mikhail.

It's an unbelievable movie about making tough choices and how 1 choice can change your life forever.
Oh was nominated for 10 Academy Awards!!!!

Then the most recent ballet movie, Center Stage. It stars Zoe Saldana (soooo good!) and Julie Kent (one of the worlds most stunning ballerinas)...

it's about the stress and life of dancers and relationships as it mirrors real life.

No time to get inspired from watching a movie? Here are a few breath-taking moments captured on You Tube. They are so beautiful you may need to remember to breathe...

One of the worlds most treasured Ballerinas...Polina Seminova

Wanna get a Ballet Body but can't be bothered going to class?

Try Pilates!
The NYC Ballet Dvd (Sarah Jessica Parker is in it!)

Too busy to watch a movie, take a class, do a ballet workout???

Then just put your hair up in a messy bun and dress like one!

American Apparel is always the biggest fan of ballet attire (yes, they have slutty stuff too...but tons of tights and leotards..)

Try a leotard under a high waist skirt or shorts...

Pair with tights...our fave are the stirrups...

And some crazy cute studded slippers...

Done and Ballerina-ifically Done!

If you still don't reeeeaaallly see how ballet and fashion mix...Huh...maybe you remember THIS!

Chanel and the Dying Swan

As amazing as ballet is, it is slowly being taken away...go out there and see a ballet.
You will kiss us for it...we promise...but no tongue...we are taken!

There are hundreds of extraordinary Companies all over the world.
Here are a few of ones that can not be missed in the US (if you are outside of the US, email us and we will be over the moon to find your some!)

P.S. Ballet is an amazing way to tone your bod and lose the winter layer (of fudge covered Oreo's....Mmmmmmm). Take a class...or 2!

xoxo t.w.h.

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