Monday, November 23, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Eye Love You...we heart "Natural" looking eyes hadows!

You know when you see a girl who is TDF "...Really are you freaking kidding me? That's how you look with no make up on?" ....gorge.

Well lovers of Things We Heart, we are here to tell you...she's wearing makeup.
No really! She is...unless she's Kate Bosworth or Kelly Wearstler...

...she is for sure wearing it.

Pros like to call it the No Makeup Makeup and it's about time that we all get to be that chick who people whisper about (in a good way).

We were inspired to do this post because of 2 incidents...1st when we saw a certain movie this weekend...we are not allowed to talk about it again until June 2010...but we gasped and literally held hands when we saw how we never noticed how unbelievably naturally stunning the lead actress was (OK....OK... we saw New Moon! and loved every F'n second of much one of us changed our Blackberry name to E Cullen...don't tell my BF...OOOOPS..) We digress... sorry...hee hee

Bella Swan's eye makeup in particular was perfection. It brought out her true beauty with out hiding her at all.

Not Bella but a bella and this is the PERFECT example of No Makeup Makeup...great colors!

Then, I went to coffee with one of the prettiest girls around and actually got teary eyed (Hey! I had my period) when I saw her...she looked DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous)!
After yelling at EF for being soooo pretty, I asked her for her eye makeup tips and she said yes!!!

So we...the ladies of Things We Heart would love to divulge the secrets to the perfect No Makeup Eye Makeup! Woo hoo!

First up is the eye makeup that makeup artist Van Phue gives us the dirt on BS's (Bella Swan) beautiful eyes.

After prepping her lids with a primer from Smashbox, she swept on 3 shades of neutral shadow from M.A.C.

Wedge, Blanc Type an Phloof. The effect was a smoldering nude yumminess.
I wonder if EC will fall in love with us if we do our eyes like her....hmmmmm.

OK, next up are the beautiful tricks of our beautiful friend.

Her glowing eyes were enough to make us fall in is what she uses.
When she is getting gussied up she uses Chantecaille Shine Eyeshadow Powder.

There is a neutral trio that she loves, but she suggests going to the counter to find the best neutral shades for your ojos.
But when she is meeting a friend and wants to be perfectly unmade up, she turns to Estee Lauder's Creme Blush in Nude Light (yes it's a blush and looks like her face and eyes are lit by the sun)

...and lines the upper lid with a soft colored Kohl pencil from Trish McEvoy.
We are FOR SURE stealing her look...

Now for a few amazing "Natural" colored shadows we found..see how much we love you?! Sooo much research...OK it is for us too but we would never do it unless you cared too ;)

We super heart this kit from Too Faced called the Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow kit. Cute!

It comes with all of the colors (9 total!) you need for that perfect natural eye makeup look for any occasion.
And it even includes a how to! You will be a glowing fairy goddess in no time with this palette of cuteness. You're welcome!

Loving this next kit from Stila....the perfectors (sp?) of the natural look bring you their Purrfect Eyes Talking Palette.

Now it was designed for the Cat Eye look that we all suuuper heart but after looking at it, all of the colors included are perfect for a beautiful natural look.
Even the liner pen is great to line your lashes so they look super lush. And the best part? You can create that gorge cat eye for a date and you don't even need any other makeup. That's what we call recessionista chic.
Oh and if that isn't enough? ...It talks!!!! What??? Yup it gives you a step by step!!! Amazing!

Speaking of recessionista chic..while taking a bi-weekly trip into Target we found ourselves once again the the makeup aisles and ran across this great duo from Sonia Kashuk called Leather and Lace (oooh kinky...and that sounds like a great Friday post!).

It has 2 tones that are begging to help you look naturally perfect (not that you are not already...but they will enhance you even more)

Now if you are soooo lazy that you can't be bothered with brushes, primers and application then try these uber bazaar eyeshadow "stickers" from Coloronpro.

Super weird but look crazy cool.

Check out a past post we did that includes so great eye primers to make your new purchases stick and not melt off. (Scroll down a tweeny bit)

Pinkvilla has a great tutorial on the best way to do a natural eye...go here! It's really easy and good.

We lurve that the natural look is back in! What good is makeup if it hides you?
Well yes, it is crazy fun to get all dolled up but it is just as fun to have your lovers and friends say..."Wow...she is sooo naturally beautiful" ...'cuz you are.

P.S. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO THE "NATURAL" LOOK KIM...sorry for yelling but come on!

xoxo t.w.h.©


Anonymous said...

No kim did not do the "Natural" look but if you appreciate makeup and all its art, you could see that this was done beautifully. All except for her overdone lashes. Spidery lashes can take the look to a whole different stage. This would be a beautiful date, or evening look.

Anonymous said...

it looks like Kim tried to hard i don't like the eyelashes but shes pretty.
p.s that look is so totally not for a date it looks like to much makeup the less the better.