Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Hearts: Treasure Hunting!!...We heart it so much we decided to repost it!

Our love for eBay is no secret, nor is our passion for local farmers market fare...
We are deeply excited when we unearth a fabulous find on-line or find our favorite local strawberry farmer... It makes us feel just like a pirate finding her treasure!

But what do you get when you cross the two things together?
Well, think of a reese's peanut butter cup with zero calories.
The result is that good!

We are crazy in heartsville with flea markets and craft festivals... NO!! NOT THAT KIND OF CRAFT FESTIVAL!!! Not the kind you may imagine with tons of crystal dream-catchers and windmill lawn ornaments... Those are a dime a dozen.

We have fallen for very cool and very hip indie art and craft festivals.

Patchwork is a craft festival where cool local crafters and small business owners can come together to sell their wares to the public in a setting that celebrates art and community. These are NOT your Granny's festivals.

The Things-We-Heart gals are super excited this year because the festival is coming one step closer to home.
On Sunday November 29th, Patchwork will be held in Long Beach, CA!!

With items for kids, babies, ladies and your nest.... You really can't go wrong!
Look at these slippers!

What beter way to support local craftsmen then actually shopping for their goods? And trust us, handmade treasures are often the very best kind!

Of course Miss Me is always on the look out for cute kid gear... And this
shirt available from The Outfit (they will be at Patchwork!), is perfect for treasure hunting with her kids.

This is gonna be a really cool event and you should be able to find some fun goodies...

Now on to the Flea Circus... Woops we mean Flea Markets!

Their are few things as pleasurable as strolling through a crowd of crazy characters and random old junk... Well, at least for us.

Because really where else can you get the thrill of stumbling upon a table full of say,

(Oh, sorry... Maybe not everyone gets that excited as we do about these...)

Here are three of California's best of the best.
At least our favorites... Although we don't get to go as much as we want to, because really who's husband wants a house full of Kewpie dolls?

Treasure hunters at the ready? Here we go...

Numero Uno

The Rose Bowl Flea Market! This place is no joke, with over 2,500 vendors and about 15,000- 20,000 visitors every month, you better get in line early!

Boasting 800 vendors, the Long Beach Antiques Market happens on the 3rd Sunday of every month. If you show up after 6:30 am you can get in for just $5.
This is a great place to find beautiful costume jewelry.

Then of course their is the easiest Flea Market of all, Small enough to actually cover the whole thing and cool enough that you will run into a bunch of people you know.

Every Sunday rain or shine held at Fairfax High School on Melrose and Fairfax. It is a really great way to spend a Sunday morning.

For all of you who live outside of the Los Angeles area, or those f you planning a major treasure hunting road trip... you can get this great book telling you all of the nations best flea markets!

We hope you enjoy the search for all things adorable as much as we do.
See you at the market mateys!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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