Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Friday: Fashion Don'ts...yay!

Fashion is definitely in the eye of the beholder...definitely! There have probably been many times we have walked down the streets, stairs, sidewalks..when people shook their heads and scoffed at our choices.

But guess what? To us...we thought we looked cute.


Then there are the few things that will ALWAYS remain fashion don'ts...ALWAYS people!

1. Visible Panty Lines...or VPL

Try a smooth seamless panty or thong (why does the word panty bother me...weird...any way)

and if you have a light pair of pants or skirt make sure your panties (uuugh) are the same tone as your skin

2. Muffin tops!

We all have em..some bake better ones than others but no matter how big or small...muffin tops are not yummy
Try a larger size pant or jean and remember low, tight, hip huggers are out! Go a little higher waist and watch that bakery shut down.
Plus you will totally look more polished!

3. Fur...Real fur is NEVER in fashion.

It is the coat of electrified innocent creatures.

Go faux! The new ones are soooo cute and well made!
There is no need for torture of innocent angels...

4. Revealing too much...

Cover that shit up! Pick one thing to highlight...boobies..OR...legs...

5. Ill fitting shoes!!! Sooooo gross!

Shoes too snug...go up a size please!!!!

Too big...if you already own them...get insoles!

Now...the Don'ts we think are dos....

1.Mixing patterns...LOVE!!

Mix a stripe and a floral...a plaid and floral...a stripe and stripe...a floral and floral...what ever...try it!

2. Crop tops! No not the Lindsey Lohan or Britany Spears kind..

Take one of summer and falls crops and put it with a super cute high waist mini!

SO what ever you wear...wear it well! It's fashion! It's fun! Just follow a few're welcome!

Oh wait!!!!! No socks with sandals! Unless they are suuper cute heels with tiny anklets...of course!
xoxo things we heart

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You know why I love this one!!!