Thursday, August 12, 2010

Decor to Die For: YUMMMMMM we are obsessively in uber heartland with CHEVRON Patterned Rugs & Decor!!! REPEAT OFFENDER!!!


As much as we lurve to give out our secret of everything that we heart...there are always a few things that we keep as our little secrets ;) hee hee.

As the gorge J.N. says, "Don't give it all away..keep some for you"... but alas we are about to give you a doozy. Because we super heart you!

This obsession with Chevron Stripes and Zig Zags came about for Miss Me and I sometime back while we were searching for rugs for our houses...then she found it... the most amazing, simply perfect, fantastical rug in all of Rug Land.

I threw up a little in my mouth (eeeewww sorry) when I saw it...not out of jealousy (well..maybe a twitty bit..hee hee) but out of total LOVE.

It was like I died and went to Decor Heaven. It was my favorite pattern (weird I mom said ever since JR High, I was into chevron) made into the most awesome rug!

That was began...our Twilight like thirst for all things chevron. And now we bring them to're welcome ;)

Here is the reason this post was made possible... Madeline Weinrib's chevron striped flat weave rug in light red... YUMMMMM.
It's perfect!

This is the kind of rug that will go with almost any decor...well maybe not so much '80s style but almost any decor. It would look amazing on dark wood floors with lighter furniture or maybe even chrome accents.

Ahhhh I no...NEED this rug in my dining or bedroom.

OK, we go...I will move on.

Because I was so crazy in heartville with Miss Me's rug, but couldn't decide what to do...I did a wee bit of searching and found West Elm's answer to the M.W. rad rugs. (say that 5 times fast).

The black and ivory one is pretty amazing and will "jazz" up any room.

Have ugly carpet? Throw this beauty on it and it will anchor the room like you wouldn't believe!
Going for more of an ethnic vibe? The brown and cream one would be great with dark woods and beautiful hanging lanterns.

Speaking of wanting to do an ethnic vibe...this gorgeous Dhurrie rug from Wisteria would be perfect!

Its bright and bold (instead of the old red and gold standbys) and could literally be the only thing you need to give your space a face lift...or space lift (we just made that up-ish...kinda...hmmm maybe not).

Umm...hello amazing wallpaper!

So if you didn't notice or you just don't like wallpaper (cuz you think it's too '80s) it's totally making a comeback. The new papers are bold, slick, chic and absolutely fancy pants gorgeous.

This zebra-esque Zig Zag paper from Wallnut Paper is TDF! The way it takes a bland traditional bathroom and turns it into a designers dream is fantasmic.

That's all it takes really...a few bold walls and it looks like you are the next Ruthie Sommers or Kelly Wearstler. BTW wallpaper is the easiest way to transform the vibe of a room.

There are no words...NONE..that will ever help us to explain our undying love for this room. It's's's like...well... it's AMAZING!

The C.S. drapes are so bold and crisp, even if you didn't have striped walls (super hard to do), they would shmancy your room up.

I showed this to my BF and he actually hearted it too! Wish me luck on getting a room like that in my house. No really...please wish me luck ;). But FYI, I would prob change out the stool and the table...but that wall with those bold chevron drapes is TDF!

Love chevron but not ready to go for it with a rug or on the walls? Try accents of it for a chic look.
Like this gorge chair from who else but Miss Madeline Weinrib.
Such a beautiful piece. So delicate yet it is a statement. It comes in a few colors if the black and white is too bold...oh and if your wallet is a bit loose ;)

Or an amazing pillow (this will prob look familiar if you are a t.w.h. regular) that is sooo beautiful we posted about it in our pillow post!
Throw 1 or 2 on a couch or bed and you are done and done. Chic city here you come.

If sequins are too shmance for is a great one from Twinkle Living.
Yes, Twinkle, the same people that bring you the magical rugs from fun heaven.

I don't know what it is about this pillow that we heart sooo much but what ever it is, it's great! And the price can't be beat (for a designer pillow).

What would a chevron/zig zag post be with out the one...the only... Missoni!!!!!!

This rug is the essence of the beauty of Missoni. How beautiful are the muted pastels married together and bordered in black in their signature zig zag pattern? So striking.

This is literally a piece of art and history. Almost too beautiful to walk on (and prob too $$$ to walk on too) but it was too sexy not to post.
Just use it as inspiration for your own DIY chevron rug!

Have fun! Be brave!

xoxo t.w.h.

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