Monday, August 9, 2010

Princess Dew-Drop....

Alright, granted, we can not all be born with a golden glowing complexion with just the perfect sea-spray of freckles dotted across our nose.... Because if we were... Well, think of all those poor super models that would be out of work! The world would be such a horrible place for them if they were forced to be ordinary.

Thankfully though, we can learn from them, or more to the point the genius brains behind their make-up routine...

We are talking to you Gucci Westman.... We hope you hear us and can magically transfer a little of your super powers to us.
Gucci Westman is the woman behind the beautiful women... Well that and she is stunningly pretty herself.

Gucci rose to fame as the international artisitc director for Lancome, who she left in 2008.
She is also the queen bee of the "Dewy look".

You know the barely there glowing from the inside, I'm so young and full of life my warmth is seeping out of my skin look.... Yeah that one...We want it... BAD.

Of course being us... We would mix it with a bold and bright lip... Just to spice things up a little bit.

So, what are the secrets to getting this dewy as a morning rose skin?
We did some investigating and here is what we found.

Step 1.
Wash, wash, wash, Keep your face clean and scrubbed.
Follow our handy acne fighting guide here.

Step 2.
This step is so, so, so important because dry-skin is the enemy. Sun, air, weather, age, the wrong foods, air conditioning, a countless number of forces trying to suck the life and moisture out of your pretty skin.

Make sure you get your neck and decollete areas too... People see that as plainly as they see your face.

This is what Gucci Westman uses on models...

For the rest of us who would love a good moisturizer without breaking the bank,
May we suggest,
Josie Maran's Argan oil... It looks scary but just use it sparingly and let yourself glow!

Step 3.
Place dabs of cover-up where you most need, under the eyes, eyelids, on each side of your nose.... Remember to be light and sparing on this... We are not going full force whole face coverage.
Blend in cover-up with your clean fingers, it works best.
See our concealer list here.

Step 4, 5 & 6.
Once you are all scrubbed, rubbed and blended, you are ready for the finishing touches.

May we suggest, a light coat of warm brown eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes.

A light layer of creme blush to keep you glowing and peachy,
Miss Me LOVES this one... But you have to have a hand like a butterfly...

Because if you go to heavy you are gonna look like you have your war paint on.
We also love this because you can use it on your lips... Which only makes the color look more natural.

Finish by lightly dusting your face neck and decollete with a little of this on an amazing makeup brush... See our guide here. Key word in that last sentence was LIGHTLY.

Wow look at you! Your so delicious! So dewy and fresh faced... We want to kiss you!

Take your dewy new face out for a spin!
But don't forget your hat!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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Angie said...

Good one, i've been chasing the dewdrop skin for years. It's always just... out... of..... reach...