Thursday, August 5, 2010

Decor to Die for: Blooms for your rooms!

So, we all have the friend who has that special knack for always having fresh flowers in their homes. Wether it is abundant arrangements all over the house, or pretty single stems scattered throughout.

Seeing fresh flowers just makes you smile, plus it makes every room look that much better!

Look at what these beautiful pink Peonys do for this simple but chic bathroom.

(House Beautiful)
And we don't wanna hear any excuses about fresh flowers costing to much money, because if you go to your local Farmer's market you can find really great deals.

(What's up duck?)
And even though you know how much we heart a beautiful misfit vase, flowers can be held in anything and still look fabulous,

case in point these Sweet Peas in old chinese tea tins.... You could absolutely do this in your home! You know you can, we will even help you find the tins, head over to the Pearl River Market and get yourself some!
(They would also make really cute q-tip holdrs for your bathroom!)

We are fans of both the single bloom arrangements ,that means all the same type of flower together. Like these RIDICULOUS Ranunculus with the amazing green centers and bright pink edges.... In a tea cup!! Thank you Domino mag for the amazing arrangement.

But we also love to mix up different types of flowers and vases to make a bright and sunny display.

How cheerful is this little arrangement? I love the mixture of tea pot, pretty glasses and garden roses.

Another one of our favorite ways to liven up a room is with a vase full of blooming branches.

(Real Simple)
These Cherry Blossom branches look so graphic and modern in a simple glass cylinder.
If you can't find Cherry Blossoms you could use Flowering Quince or any other flowering tree branch you can get your hands on.
They call this process "Forcing a bloom" and it is something you should try near the end of winter when you just gotta get out of the grey days.
Check out this blog post from Habitually Chic for instructions on forcing and some pretty pictures.

(Habitually Chic)
Dress up up your table top with a monochrome color scheme,
(Unknown source)
These white roses in modern and clean glass cylinders on this holy F*%K beautiful marble table has a clean and super fresh look.

We love a beautifully cluttered table, and these red roses scattered on a red table cloth are giving a cool gypsy vibe we heart.

Fresh flowers will bring a luxurious and fresh happy feeling to your home, and you deserve that! So hit your local Farmers Market or Trader Joe's.
(A great place for affordable fresh flowers)
Make your house beautiful everyday.


XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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