Monday, August 2, 2010

Beauty-fuls: Out damn Spot! We do NOT heart zits!

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the stars my zits to keep...and if I get another when I wake, I pray the stars my new gross scars to take...

We all want it right?!?!...Right? Clear, glowing skin...but how do we get it?
There are so many products out there! Which ones work? Which ones don't? It's all sooooo confusing!!!

Well of course you know you came to the right place...don't you?

You may say...well ladies of both have clear why should I believe you?
And we shall say...That's exactly why you should! One of us had pretty bad zits a few years ago and now our skin looks better than it did after high school!

You are about to get a glimpse into our medicine cabinets...the products that keep our skin clear and glowy.

P.S. Before we start there are a few rules of zits and acne (all of you already know these but they are important to say again)

1. Wash your face at least 2 times a day
2. Do not pick!
3. Use oil free makeup if needed
4. Eat good for you foods the nitty gritty...

Where would we be without Mario Badescu and his Buffering Lotion and Drying Lotion? We would be half our way to Zit-Ville.

The Drying lotion is perfect for those unsightly white heads and big ole red ones that LOVE to pop up the day before a big day. Put the pink stuff on over night and the next day you will smile a little bigger
The Buffering Lotion is our little secret.

They say its great for Cycstic acne but we love it for all kinds. After you get rid of the white in your nasty lil whitehead shake and put the liquid on the swollen yucky spot as much as you can.
Not only will it heal super super fast...but it will also heal the skin around it in no time flat!!!!

You might have read or heard about the Zeno before and said, "I'm sooo sure it works..." In your most sarcastic voices...

It totally does!
It takes the giganticness out of those huge underground zits instantly! It kills most of the bacteria in the nasty bugger and takes the swelling down.

During our acne days and the hot oily...greasy days of summer...we don't leave the house without washing first with Epicuren Acne Wash.

It's a non drying, acne fighting, enzyme (super good for glowy skin) filled gentle wash.
It's worth every penny and any driving you do to find it! A miracle!

Want to hear a natural secret? Might not be good for full on acne but we love it for that occasional zit we still get every 28 days (uuuggghhhh)...Slap a lil honey on it!

Honey is a natural Anti-bacterial agent and softens your skin!

Another natural thing we learned is take a 50mg tablet of Zinc everyday.

Somehow the metal compound in Zinc can clear your skin of those pesky pimples...

Ooooh! Another thing we LOVE to use under makeup to clear that damn T-zone of blackheads?

Neutrogena 3-1 Acne Clearing gel. It's great! In a week (if you have blackheads and very minor acne) your skin will totally start to clear right up!

Last but not least...we would be no where with out this saving grace...but it is only prescibed to you by a doctor if truely needed for acne...

Retin-A. Yes the same cream woman over 30 use to help shed dry skin. This wonder cream (although a medication) helps rid your face of cycstic acne and black heads.
We have been out of ours for a while and can already see a huge difference.

P.S. If you have full on acne and have had it for years...please please please see a dermatologist. They are the saving graces. It will be worth every penny...we promise!

P.P.S. Every derm we have ever been to says..."Stay away from Clearasil" We totally agree...No Bueno!

And don't forget...ever......

xoxo things we heart


Angie said...

i swear by neosporin. Seriously. I think it just kills the bacteria and then helps is heal super fast.

p.s. that last pic is sooo gross. i can't stop staring.

Carrie said...

You ladies are magical! Somehow, I missed this post before. And then I just found it, and I just so happen to be breaking out like a 14-year-old with PMS.
Thanks for including a w i d e variety of treatments to try!
I busted out the Retin-A, and now I'm rockin' the oh-so-lovely peeling face.