Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion Friday: Love Story....

So yesterday doing a little down time we flipped on Love Story with Ali Macgraw and Ryan O'Neil....

Oh fuck! Tear storm! Really big sobs... And mixed in... Awe at how stylish she is!

Yes, the girl she plays in the movie is pretty darn cute.. But Ali herself, she is style magic.

So we became obsessed, because really? Turbans and slinky, sexy dresses?

Some girls just have that natural instinct for style... Like Oh I didn't even really try... I just thought this would be fun so I threw it on!

Ali My dear, you are that girl.

So today, we are giving you pure fashion inspiration... Run with it and take it where you will.

Sometimes it is nice to just sit and admire fashion and style, like it is art in a museum.

But God help me if I don't find a way to work bright red tights into my fall wardrobe... It is gonna happen, oh yes it will.

We love love, and we love being inspired by any and all avenues of the world...

See, who says you don't learn anything from watching T.V?

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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kkist said...

OH I want some bright blue tights this fall....I will work them into my wardrobe!