Monday, May 17, 2010

Beauty-fuls: Brush it off! We heart knowing what the heck to do with all these makeup brushes!!!

Ugggghhh we hate to sound soooo high maintenance but the fact is.... although we are both pretty au-natural gals, (we don't really wear a lot of make up) we heart a good make up brush.

We know, we sounds sooooooo shi-shi but it's true... a good brush can change the way you wear make up for good.

So.... so long over application and uneven colors...

And hello quick easy and gorgeous (not that you're not already...cuz you are!)!!!

They just make the fun task of applying makeup wayyyy better and more rewarding....

And away we goooooooo!

We can not tell you how much we super heart this first brush from Sephora. Not only does it work unbelievably well, but it's dual ended.

One side is glorious for powder or blush application and the other does wonders for natural looking eye shadow! 2 for 1? Music to our wallets!

Also from Sephora (of course! we are obsessed with this store...along with every other makeup junkie in town) is their new line of I.T. brushes.

This blush brush is perfect for applying blush, powders and highlighters.
The best part about their I.T. brushes???!?! They come with their own covers. So no more broken brissles and smooshed uneven brush heads!

Shpeaking of brushes in their own cases to keep them safe...

Our go to company for synthetic hair brushes (woo hoo...go Vegans!) EcoTools has a great brush for you Mineral Makeup junkies!
It's compact but packs a punch...and no more messy makeup bags!!!!

Huh? What's that you say? You love a good travel brush that does it all? Oh well we got good news for you! Thanks to Bobbi Brown...the Goddess of stunning "natural" beauty.
Her (almost) all in 1 brush is great for blending, bronzer, powder and blush...and it comes with a faux leather travel case to keep it safe and sound! Woo hooooo!!!

This next beauty brush was shown to us by a gorgeous red head who is also a no make up make up kinda gal. Bronzer seems like the hardest makeup to apply. Not any more!
This Smashbox fan brush was originally intended to help get excess makeup off but it's hidden use is for perfect, natural looking beach bronzed faces. One swipe and watch out Gisele!

Dying to have that oh so stunning winged eye?

Or just simply want to look like you have naturally lined lids and a fuller lash line? This next beauty does the trick...and easily.
Dip this bad boy into gel liner, dry powder or creme and voila! Hello hotness!

Need all your brushes at once?? Here is a great brush set with all you need and maybe a few you don't....
Sonia Kashuk's tool set is pretty darn close to perfection! Since it is a lower priced set, the brushes may not all be up to par but in a pinch you won't be sorry.

You may have noticed (or not) that we didn't include a myriad of other brushes like foundation, concealer and lip...

Well kittens...that's because we think they are pointless!
Why you ask? Well, we will show yous...

Need a good tool to apply foundation other than your polished pretties and a streaky brush? Sonia Kashuk's Blending Sponge will do the trick gorgeously!

Need proof? We have seen this sponge (or one exactly like it) on the vanity of one of the worlds most beautiful ladies...

The best and cheapest tool you can ever get for applying concealer on those pesky dark circles is not a tool at's your ring finger. It's the perfect shape and the most delicate of all the fingers.

No wonder diamonds look soooo good on it!

And the number 1 no fuss makeup tool that you don't have to spend a grip on? The good ol' fashioned Qtip!

Perfect for messes, light blending and applying a smokey liner...

Oh wait!!!! One more super important thing!!!! Clean your brushes weekly if not daily!!!
Clean brushes mean cleaner, less clogged pores! We heart Sephora's brush shampoo for weekly cleans.

Or you can use a gentle baby shampoo to do the trick.

So what ever brush you pick up to paint your pallet...

Just remember...true beauty is from with in...make up is not necessary to be beautiful.

xoxo things we heart

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