Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Hearts: Wildflowers in the sun

Guess what? There is a great big beautiful world out there!

Did you know that? I know, it is so easy to forget when we spend so much of our lives in cars, in stores, in buildings, inside...

It is so easy to forget that right now, all over the hillsides and cliffs of beautiful California (and a whole lot of other places) Spring is bleeding into summer in a riot of color and beauty!

Now is your chance to throw on some comfy clothes and good strong sneakers, or even Docs, get in that car of yours and head straight out of town.

We are so in heartsville with wildflowers and California's glorious canyons.
It took us actually having a reason (wedding!) to get back into Southern Cali's own Canyon country... The Santa Monica mountains!

Breathtakingly beautiful, the smell of sunshine mixed with pepper-trees and sage.
Oh to spend time in the mountains and hills of California.

Too bad we were wearing heels and not ready for hiking, but it reminded us that we have to get out and literally smell the flowers before the August sun starts to dry everything out.

If you are in California, here is a great list of places to go to see the most beautiful wildflowers.

If you happen to be looking for a little more incentive to head for the hills this weekend, how about a festival in Topanga Canyon?

The 37th Topanga days celebration is this weekend. Sounds fun to us.

Another one of our favorite spots is Crystal Cove.
And it isn't just because you can stop for a milkshake afterwards at Ruby's shake shack either.

We can't tell you how we dream of filling our homes with beautiful wildflowers.

Being able to pick them by the basket load and give them to everyone we love.

Make sure you check with the State PArk people... They may ask you not to take wildflowers.. We don't want to start a notorious Wildflower crime syndicate.

But seriously if we could, we would fill our baskets to the brim...

And then carry our baskets around like the stunning Jane Birkin. You should have known we would work fashion into this one somehow... We may be a little bit hippie at heart but we are full time fashion obsessed!
Get outside... Don't make us tell you twice.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


Kiran said...

Best entry ever!! Thank you for making such an gorgeous post about flowers and still incorporating California and fashion into it. I'm printing this one out and taping it to my office desk!

Kristin Quinn said...

You find the most incredible photos! I wish I were back in California right now to see those places.