Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bueno: We Heart Kids Birthday Parties!!!

Yes...we may be a tad over the age of 10... heard us...a TAD. But that doesn't mean we get as much joy out of going to kids birthday parties as the ones the parties are intended for!

They are soooo fun!!!!

Not only is it where a kid can be a kid, but a grown up can be one too!

Still not buying it? Ok...then here...

The bouncy castles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The balloons...

Kids LOVE when you suck in the helium and tell them a story in the funny voice (just don't let them suck the helium)

The candy!

I mean....don't you need energy to go in the bouncy again and play all of the games too?

The cake....

We don't EVER have to justify the cake...ahhh cake...yumm yumm yumm yummm....

And who doesn't love to get their face painted like a cat or a butterfly?

And the giggles..

Nothing like a bunch of rad kids laughing to recharge your heart!


Kids birthday parties are where it's at!!!

Hopefully there will be no clowns....

Can't wait!! Gotta go put on my jumpin shoes...

xoxo things we heart

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