Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yummies: We love Korean food.

To be 100% honest.... One of our very best-est friends is Korean, So this is gonna go out to you Miss Park. But it is not our love for her that swayed our taste buds toward the delicious-ness that is Korean food.

Korean can't help it... From a beautiful country come beautiful girls and delicious food.

We swear to you Miss Me could LIVE off of cucumber kimchi and white rice!

The husband and kids might not stand for baby-mama that reeked of vinegar and garlic all the time.... Dare to dream though right?

(oh, and here is a little side note, we don't refer to our selves in 3rd person when speaking in real life ie: "Ohhh, Miss Me loves that color!" And we don't use the Royal "We", it is just so you know that we are speaking for two here! Ok thanks for understanding, that has always nagged at me, or should I say us?)

But back to what is really important, and right now that is food. Scrumptious Korean food to be exact.

We used to LOVE Korean BBQ! Seriously is there anything better? Not really.
But then, we went veggie and while we (or really just I...Miss ME) fall off the wagon sometimes, like while I'm pregnant... SHAME... We are really proud of our selves.

But of course missing the delicious food we used to enjoy can be tough.
So needless to say, we thought my days of Korean dining were over.

Then our super adventurous, adorable and food savvy friends took us to a hole in the wall spot for "Hot Spicy Tofu Soup" that Mr & Miss Me just "Had to try..."

Who knew Heaven was located in a strip mall in Garden Grove?!

Instant addiction. I swear, I go to sleep dreaming of this amazing bubbling and boiling hot spicy soup served in a little iron cauldron.

It is a major revelation... You don't have to eat Kalbi or Bulgogi to really enjoy the Korean cuisine!

(But if you are going to, hit up Woo Lae Oak it is the best, best, best!)

For the non-meat eaters, you can take your pick of tofu soup, vegetarianbibimbap

Vegetarian chapchae and of course unless Miss Me gets there first, about 100different types of Kimchi.

We think you should go out for some Korean food tonight.
We wish we could join you.

Don't forget the sweet rice cakes. Aren't these so pretty?!

Keep your mind and your mouth open... Go try something new!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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HEUG! said...

Sarang-heh Miss me!! Love, Miss Park.