Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fashion Friday: More to love

In the world of super skinny models, and in our cultures celebration of thin, it is really nice to know that skinny does not equal perfect. If fact, often, a full figured lady looks a whole lot better.

With fullness, comes more curves and curves ladies and gentlemen, as it seems our society have forgotten... Are super sexy!

We love, love love this photo shoot for V magazine done by Terry Richardson.

"Plus size" model Crystal Renn a size 12 and "Standard" model Jacquelyn Jablonski a size 2 are photographed in the same pose in the same high fashion clothes and then the images are juxtaposed against each other. The results are not what you would expect... They both look beautiful but in most of the images, Crystal Renn looks so much more sexy and exciting.

Not that the fact that full figured gals are stunning is any new surprise for us.
example number one.... Our all time favorite beautiful alien from the planet,

Yes, it is true we have proof that Sophie Dahl is from the same evil planet as Kate Bosworth and Zoe Saldana.... Sent down to Earth to make our planets women go crazy with envy. What is our proof? Well, all you need is eyes to see.

When someone asked us to do a fashion post on plus-size fashion we started researching. We are sad to say that almost all we found were ways to make your self appear thinner and more slender.

Well, obviously that is helpful and important. But that is not what we want to do. We want to tell you full figured cuties out their to embrace and show off your curves. Girls take a look at yourself... *Try not to use your own brain for this exercise, you are too hard on yourself.

Look at each curve and say... Holy shit! I am sexy as I wanna be.
Bettie Page was a size 10 and Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12! These are two of the most iconic symbols of beauty and sex appeal our nation has.

It is not your body that has to change... It is the mindset of magazines and high-fashion dictators. Sexy is sexy people. Embrace your self and your whole outlook will change.

So the fashion we offer you today will only enhance your buxom beauty.
No moo-moo's and caftans here.

Make a statement on the beach by celebrating the days of Bettie Page and Miss Marilyn...
Go for a retro look that shows off your lady lumps by It Figures.

We love this spread from French Elle with the beautiful Tara Lynn.
That short, tight grey dress is out of control on her.

Try this one shouldered number from Faith from Forever 21 for the same va-va-voom effect.

We love anything with a bow. This tank from Faith is adorable and fashionable.
If only fashion magazines would mix it up and feature these beautiful full size ladies in every issue, instead of just once a year to show hoe enlightened and equal they are, then a whole lot of women would have a better idea of what realistic body types are and feel more confident in their own skin.

We were super jealous when we found this bustier in the full figure section atTorrid.

We would wear that thing so much it would become embarrassing.

As far as we can tell, here are some really great shopping sources.
1. Faith

Remember above all else, love yourself and your body and it will love you back.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


kkist said...

Great posts this week on loving yourself the way you are! Love it!

Ivy said...

I know I read this a few days after you posted it, but the timing was perfect. I really needed this today! Thank you ladies!