Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Bueno: Sheeeeee's (trying to come) Baaaacckkkk! NSFW

Dear Paris,

Just when we thought we were in the clear. When your star had finally fallen from the sky of attention whores...

When your "celebrity" had just about hit bottom....

We realize it is hard to not be the #1 tabloid fixture...paid $500,000 for a sh***y club appearance... followed endlessly by paparazzi (after you tipped them off...yes most celebs do that)

But maybe it's for the best, Paris.

Maybe it's time to work for your money and fame...maybe it's time to grow up and have little girls want to be you because you did something good for our society and world not because you did something slutty.

But that may be too much to ask...we know. While paps followed you the other day not only did you intentionally not wear a bra in a tight see thru shirt,

but you looked in the mirror to make sure they could get a pic of your breasts just like you planned.

NO BUENO! Do something good with your "fame". Grow up!!!!!!! Have some self respect.

You love animals soooo much??? Give your time and money to help animal rescues and shelters!

Just stop with's time to grow up...isn't it?

xoxo things we heart

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