Thursday, May 27, 2010

Decor to Die For: Inspired by SATC2 We heart Moroccan Accents! Thanks for Re-inspiring us!!!

Call it what you will...Sex and The City 2 excitement, our love of fun unexpected room accents, or just the fact that we will always have a crush on all that is Modern Moroccan. What ever it is...we heart it!

Moroccan with a twist...


Modern with a twist of Moroccan is more like it.

You know our sick obsession with Moroccan Poufs right?

NO!?! Well go here to remind yourself for the 1st time.

Now that we got that out of the way we would loooove to thank the set designers of SATC2 for reminding us how much we crazily heart Moroccan Inspired Accents!!!!

We think our mini crush started at a Moroccan girlfriends wedding years ago when her party favors were the most gorgeous Moroccan tea cups!

How could something soooo small be soo amazing!
We use ours daily! For juice, tea, wine (super shmancy with wine) and water...

They are even more amazing at a perfectly lit dinner soiree. Inside and out.

Shhhpeaking of a perfectly lit soiree....we are at a loss for words (hahaha! us? loss for words...when pigs fly) when it comes to the beauty of Moroccan lanterns outdoors.

No matter what your style is there is one for everyone and every price! Woooo hooo!

Not only are they amazing as outdoor chandeliers like this one, but scattered around your yard filled with candles is stunning!

Tres Chic and UBER easy!

We are in fluttery heartville with these cheery, modern Moroccan lanterns from Zgallerie. And the price!?? Uh huh TDF!!!!


Tea tables are the bestest way possible to bring a lil' Morocco into your beautiful abode. They go with ANY decor, any style...with everything!

This traditional tea table is perfect for any room. Dark and moody and beautiful.

Uggghhhh we LOVE this room!!!

The mix of the English settee, the Oriental rug, the bright accents and the white tea table! Sooo cute!

For you modern Moroccan lovers...HSN brings you a chrome tea table.

Throw on some books...a tuberose Dyptique candle and some pink peonies in a milk white vase and you honey bunny are the cutest!!!!

So we have...

Lanterns- √
Tea Cups- √
Tea Tables- √

Hmmmm what o' what is missing? Rugs!!!!!! Our new obsession...OK, not obsession in the fun, giggly's more of the what the F are we gonna do obsession....

We have been drooling and tearing over this black and white Moroccan-ish beauty from Wisteria.

Yummmmmmm. Imagine bright colored accents all around it with crisp white walls. Gorge! And the price is amazing for how beauty it is.

Hello stunning yumminess! We heart you Miss Weinrib and all you do to make us swoon.

This Moroccan tile patterned rug is delicious!!!!!

You can literally have a room filled with white or lucite furniture and this rug and you are done and stylishly done!
And you're gonna have to have all IKEA after you for the rug :)

In the mood for more Morocco? Grab your Moroccan Oil and you are half way there!

Have fun! Your house is a reflection of you! Step by step...and blog idea by blog will get there!

P.S. See you at SATC2!!!!!

xoxo things we heart

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