Monday, May 24, 2010

Beauty: Mirror, Mirror

We all know the deal... Somedays you try and avoid it, other days you can't get out of it.
It is your mirror, and your attachment mixed with your distaste for it is perfectly human.

Somedays, your mirror (and every mirror in town for that matter) can be you r worst enemy.

Somedays your mirror can be your best friend.

Aside from those horrid mirrors that make everyone look fatter and shorter... You know the ones. The bad mirrors. If you see them please feel free to smash them, I mean seriously, you can't get seven years bad luck for destroying something evil right?

Aside from those evil mirrors, every mirror is reflecting the same thing... And that is the way you look, but also the way you feel.

If you loved your reflection yesterday and you hate it today, chances are your looks haven't changed.... You have lost your confidence.

Why, oh why is it so easy to loose your confidence?!
Why, oh why do countless numbers of girls, boys and in-betweens not see ourselves as good enough?!
It is just human nature I guess, but today try looking in the mirror and picking out something really good... Your eyes, your dimples, the way your hair falls.... Pick something you can't help but love about your self.

Focus on that one thing all day, feed off of it. confidence is beautiful!
Love yourself and everyone else will too.

We have 2 warnings...

1. Being CONFIDENT is different then being CONCEITED beware of mixing up the two.
2. When you go to look in the mirror today to make yourself feel good...

Stay away from the MAGNO-mirror... Those things have no friends except your eyebrows.

Your beautiful.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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