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Random Hearts: 70's Hot....Now that's a

Todays post is dedicated to a special someone...
Someone who loves good gossip as much as the next girl...
Someone who you can share secrets with and have a giggle while drinking green tea...and Someone who is obsessed with the Lancome model from the early 2000's as much as us...

Well her and Audrey Tatou.
That someone our friends, is a gorgeous man (ha you thought we were going to say girl!!!...nope!!) named CF.

Today over a mug o' green tea...we ooogled and googled "hot girls"...and we came to the conclusion that the 70's was chalk full of naturally, sexy out of this world...did we say natural yet?...women!

The kind of women you want your daughters to think are pretty.

Not the over injected, big boobed (the fake kind...not the EB or KB kind), pouty faced, drunk girls of today...
(we would insert a pic or 2 but Mr TWH would not be happy with us)
Ok maybe just this one...

So with out further preaching or adieu...we give you our picks of the hottest women of the '70s.

P.S. Yes most of us were not even hatched yet but you will know each of these goddesses at first glance...but we can all appreciate a little look back in history at the gorgeous ladies that defined an era

Lauren Hutton...that name alone goes hand in hand with unique and ridiculously stunning beauty.

(Uh, missed a spot while shaving...)

Her stunning cheekbones matched with her amazing gap in her front teeth paved the way for her huuuuge career.
Her critics (there were A LOT!) said she was too short, ugly, needed her gap fixed...but she resisted and thank god she did!
Lauren Still models (um hello? H&M this season!!!) and has a huuuuge selling makeup line that we hear is actually really really good!

Next up we have a beauty ...may she and her family be in peace... who's really defined the entire era with a flip of her hair...well that and her ridiculous body...OK...and super rad smile.

Farrah Fawcett was the perfect California blonde, cute, girly, sexy and a tom boy all in one...

Best known for her roll in Charlie's Angels...she went on to have a glorious career.
She passed last year from a battle with cancer. You can donate to her charity, The Farrah Fawcett Foundation, that provides money for alternative cancer research and prevention.

Iman (not Trya or Naomi) single handedly paved the way for women of color to be viewed as the beautiful women that they are. She fought through all of the bullshit to show no color.
Thank God!

The statuesque beauty was born in Somalia and at 19 moved to the US to break down the doors. She became a Supermodel and actress and DAVID BOWIES WIFE!!! Ooopsie...sorry to yell...but it's David Bowie...yum!!!

Iman also launched a cosmetic line for darker skinned beauties...she was the first on that too.
Her line is sold all over the world...

Bo Derek...yes the hot wife in Tommy Boy (just watched that the other day...thank goodness we did...just we instantly googled her) was another "California Blonde".

She changed the way women wanted to look. She was (and is) that perfect combo of pretty and natural that men died over her...they still do!
Born Mary Cathleen Collins...she married a director at 16 and changed her name!!!!! The name that launched a thousand boys to know what we were about to say...

Now for the stunning...stupidly amazing reason for this post...
CF and I were talking about the right way to age...even with a tiny bit of help...and Jaclyn Smith is the way...
(she is the one on the left)

Her beauty defies all decades...

Not only does Jaclyn still act but she was the host for Shear Genius as well as has a ginormously huge line of home goods! done madame!

We have no words to describe our undying heart for Diane Keaton. From her fantastic style (Kate Moss and Diane Kruger owe you a thank you Diane) to her brilliant acting and great instinct for making movies (well maybe not Mad Money...but we will give her a pass)...Diane has it all!

There is no other actress who has had the career Diane Keaton has had, except for Meryl Streep...who is another stunner from the 70's...her career is bigger now then ever before.

Thank you Woody for finding her! With out the great beauty and brilliant acting of Diane Keaton we would have a huge chunk missing....

P.S. Dont get us wrong...this was not a who was the best this or the greatest that...this was just a small list of the hottnesses of the 70's

P.P.S. About to do the" Farrah" to my hair...Mr TWH is gonna freak! In a super good way

xoxo things we heart

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