Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fashion Friday: I wear my sunglasses at night... Well, really I don't because I'm not that cool.

You know how every once in a while a certain someone wears a certain pair of sunglasses and all of a sudden.... POW!! Everyone is after those glasses trying to capture THAT look? Like Tom Cruise in Risky Business with the Ray Band Wayfarers. The right glasses at the right time can be magic. 

Well, I had a little magic moment of my own the other week in the sunglass store. 
I tried on this amazing new style from Prada... They were light weight and slim, but just big enough... The caramel color was so me it was painful... I loved them.. It was instant and it was deep. 
But I didn't get them. For once I let my logical thinking brain lead me away from the store, I didn't really need to spend that kind of money on sunglasses that day... or so I thought. 

Since then I have been waking up in the middle of the night searching my bedside table, I have imagined whole outfits around those glasses and then brought myself back to the reality that I didn't buy them! What was I thinking?? 

And that dear readers brings me here today. I want to let you know that sunglasses are a vital and crucial part of your wardrobe. 
I am a firm believer that if you have nice versions of the 3 main accessories,

1. Shoes
2. Bag
3. Sunglasses

you can pretty much get away with wearing anything. Be it a vintage dress, a cheap,cute score from Forever 21, or a t-shirt and your sweats. It just makes you look pulled together from head to toe. 

So here are some of our fave summer shades, we hope you find some that are just right for you. Because baby, summer ain't over till it's over. 
(I think Lenny Kravitz said that) 

Starting with these adorable little turquoise framed Dita's. 
A new style for Dita they are called the Sunbeam and come in 4 different color options. I heart how light weight the frame is, like aviators but better for those of us who can't pull off the classic aviator shape. 

Now don't be nervous, we are not gonna go all expensive on you guys.. Because while I do believe a nice pair of shades is a fair purchase, you can look super cute in a pair of affordable and adorable little cheapies. 

Hey Lolita, nice to meet ya. These saucy little hearts are available from Urban Outfitters and also come in 4 different colors. I just lurve the pink! But for only around $16 why not get two pairs? 

Another score from Urban for your summer loving are these AMAZING and already in my shopping cart snake print gold glasses. Can we all say, YUMMMMMMM? 
Because I know I did. 

Yeah, I kind of can't believe it... Cute, super stylish and at this price you can go swimming in them. A beautiful and sea loving friend,  Mrs. McNair told me she lost her Chanel's in the ocean!!! Oh goodness I feel for her! So to all the girls, our new plan is leave the pricey ones in the beach bag when you hit the water and grab your Target specials! 

Another super iconic look is the HUGE glasses that Jackie O wore. Now as much as we heart us our Nicole Richie.. We know that Jackie was the Originator of this look. Although Miss Richie brought it back for our generation. 

Amazing and Huge, bold and dramatic. These glasses are not so much incognito as in-your-face-o, and we love that! 

(In Style) 
Check out sexy Anne Hathaway in her attention grabbing giant red frames from 

While we are talking about attention grabbing, it takes some confidence to rock these bad boys. 

From the stylish Maison Margelia we bring you the visor glasses! We have no words to describe how unbelievably fashion forward these are. I can't wit to meet the person brave enough to wear them! 

But quirky is fun, you know we heart anything that pushes the envelope... Not that we are going to wear it.. We just can appreciate it. Case in point, 
The Olsen twins. 

(Photo credit: Unknown)
Super uber ultra stylish.. Like ooozing style and the first to take a chance on a new look, these sisters have been selling this round granny/hippie glasses look for a while now. And I have to say I'm not buying it, not that that matters because you know who is? Karl Lagerfeld! And every other designer who has introduced a pair of the Yoko Ono-esque shades. 

But I say if you are gonna go bold and quirky, then you better go Grey Ant. And it isn't just because he is am amazingly talented and genuine guy, it is because his super oversized Wayfarer style shades are actually super flattering and fun! 
I know because I tried to steal my sisters pair but she was not having it. You can get your own at Diavolina if you are in Los Angeles or on the website. 

Oh Prada, you and your butterfly sunglasses! How dare you?! Because if you don't look like the model in this picture, chances are this shape is gonna be a little hard to pull off... 

Oh yeah, unless you are Nicole Richie and then they look super cute and stylish. 

(Photo credit: Unknown) 

These super bright Rubber Ducks are so very "Summer 2009" so that means you should get yours now! 

(Rubber Duck)
I am really feeling the purple and white! One of my all time favorite color combos! 
But the yellow with the little duck are just too cute to pass up! 
(Rubber Duck) 
Karma Loop carries a whole bunch of color options, check them out. 

Oh my goodness! We just found the COOLEST vintage sunglass site!! 
Please check them out! I have not been this excited about a site for a while!! Amazing and huge selection, plus all the kids in the pictures look super cute! 

I think I could spend hours browsing this website. But instead I will go to bed and dream of the Prada glasses that got away.... Although, they do have them at my local Sunglass Hut...Hmmm

Express yourself. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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