Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random hearts: Il le coeur chocolat français ...(hee hee...that's how we say it in Francais) We heart French Chocolate

It should be no surprise by now about how much we are coo coo for Cocoa Puffs (yumm) for all things chocolate...and now that mean, mean Easter Bunny and his nest of Cadbury Creme Eggs has hopped into our lives for yet another year. (Uggghhhhhh...I only know 1 person strong enough to resist the hypnotic call of the Cadbury Egg and that is the 1 and only Miss Me....)

But this year instead of falling prey to the Easter Bunny and his evit basket of delectable sugary goodness...we decided to indulge in another kind of chocolate...Gourmet French Chocolate.

We super heart French Chocolate!!!!

The one that started the craze...ok maybe not THE craze but for sure our craze for the delectible deliiousness of the divine Chocolate Francais...

Say it with us.....Valrhona!

Since 1924, Valrhona has been making umbelievable dark chocolate. In fact most good restaurants and highly regarded chefs use the dark heaven that is Valrhona, in their desserts...

And if you go here you can get Valrhona's amazing recipes for all things delish!

Someone we know...looooves the gift tin for just a perfect bite of the perfect chocolate...unless of course that certain someone eats the whole box after a day of skiing...Oooopsie Daisy ;)

What's better than chocolate? No, this is not a trick question...OK maybe a wee bit....

The thing better than choc is gourmet flavors and chocolate....

The best we have found yet and that is also totally accessable and absolutely scrumdiddiliumtous is from Vosges.

Although it is not a traditional French was started by a Ohhh lala lady who trained with the best chefs in Paris to make the brown colored extacy.

We were first introduced to Vosges through thier gourmet exotic flavors like ginger wasabi a sesame chocolate and ancho chili ceylon cinnamon chocolate bars....

so we couldnt wait to see what else they had in store for our eating pleasure.

We looooove their amazing mixed up flavors...they even have Bacon Chocolate...not sure if it's good since we are not fans of eatting the cutie bean piggie... but their utter comitment to flavor combos is stunning!

Try the exotic truffle box...its filled with white dark and milk truffles made of exotic spices, herbs roots and flowers!


Check out their cute mcgootie easter yummies...

We lurve the floppy earred bunnies filled with goodies...

The even have the perfect how to guide on how to properly eat chocolate for maximum pleasure!

Dont know what to get the person who has everything in their life???? Or wanna treat yourself to a bit ' cocoa heaven???

Pascal Caffet perfects the art of complete and utter chocolate perfection.

His Z Chocolate comes in an engravable mahogany box complete with a heart shaped padlock!!!!

All boxes are completely customizable from number of numbered chocolate (go on the can scroll thru what each number means) to amount of dark versus milk

But we heart the Survival Pack

A red box filled with every kind of fine choclate you can imagine from this fine chocolatier

it even comes with a whistle and flashlight

Viva Le Chocolat Francais!!!!

xoxo things we heart


lamb83 said...

Thanks for another tantalizing post for all of us chocoholics!!

(I am definitely not strong enough to resist the hypnotic call of the ooey,gooey Cadbury-I've had at least four so far this Easter season :P)

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